03 September 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Indradev Curpen

Indradev Curpen

Dead bodies, ethics, politics and legal mishaps made a strange mix during Tuesday’s parliamentary session, all said and done in a cool atmosphere, surely because the subject on the agenda of the Private Notice Question of the Leader of the Opposition was more a matter of respect rather than that of marking points to gain political mileage.
Armoogum Parsooramen has been minister of Education in the Mauritian government for thirteen years before he left to serve as an expert in higher education at the World Bank for two years and director at UNESCO for 12 years in Africa and Asia and finally as secretary of the Board of this UN organisation for education in Paris.
Rao Ramah is at the head of the MNIS- the Mauritius National Identity Scheme, set up by government for the conversion of the national ID card into a new one with the help of the Singapore authorities.
India is all taken in the heat of general elections as from Monday 7 April for the making of the16th Lok Sabha, the Indian parliament.
The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Cader Sayed Hossen, is currently facing the hard challenges of encouraging pollution-free industries, diversifying the market strategy of the manufacturing sector and the drafting of a new legislation for the protection of consumers. News on Sunday met him to discuss these issues and to share with our readers the progress reached in each of these sectors.
Friday, 28 March 2014 14:00

Putting the country first

Politicians quarrel with each other, become vociferous and get involved in demagogy. At times, everything is good to buy line and get marks in politics.
According to the latest World Risk Report 2012, Mauritius is among the top 15 countries with the highest disaster risk and is ranked 7th on the list of countries most exposed to natural hazards. As a matter of fact Mauritius is already experiencing extreme weather occurrences.
‘Le Defi Quotidien’ highlighted, in its Tuesday 18 March edition, the tragic human story of two young girls- one is only 13 years old and she has been sold to ten men in one night.
The National Assembly is resuming its session on Tuesday 25 March after New Year vacations, that is, since the end of November 2013.
White House advisor, Professor Michael. E. Porter, is visiting Mauritius and the Indian Ocean as from 2 April 2014.

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