28 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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27-year-old Beatrice Descroizilles epitomises courage, enthusiasm and hard work. Determined and willing to try new things, she has launched a mobile app called Bon’App.
Nadine Catherine is a living example of a dedicated business woman. She began her career as sous-chef and she is today the Chief Executive Officer of her own company, TASK (Training Attitude Skills Knowledge) Consulting Ltd. She is not only a trainer in food production and HACCP Consultancy, she is also in charge of the Web culinary platform of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and responsible for the Communication and Internal Development for Toques Blanche International Club, a chef association. News on Sunday met with this ravishing and hardworking lady.
Its’s been a month since Neha, 22 years old, has started to do dubsmash. She became so skillful, that she now boasts a following on Facebook. Not a day goes by without a dubs. Candid chat with a graceful fan of Bollywood.
Saturday, 15 August 2015 10:30

Iframac-Courts : L’épique combat des anonymes Featured

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Rebecca Bablee, Mevin Allagen, Moïse Manoula, ne sont pas des grands syndicalistes. Ils sont pourtant entrés dans la mémoire populaire pour leur combat en faveur des salariés d’Iframac et de Courts.
Give Henry Jérôme a piece of fabric and a sewing machine and he will produce wonders out of these two materials. Working as a tailor for the past 50 years, Henry Jérôme, 50, specialises in the making of menswear. He narrates his experience and career, which has become a rare one nowadays.
Najaah Koheratee-Hosenbocus, 22, is a henna artist by profession. Sticking with the traditional way of applying henna designs was not an option for her. Najaah Koheratee stands out through her creativity. Henna tattoo designs and glittery ones have become her trademark.
Friday, 14 August 2015 14:00

Ravin Papiah : Creating a nation of achievers

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He will undoubtedly bring the best in you. A co-founder of the John Maxwell Team and a Gitomer Chartered Certified Advisor, Ravin Souvendra Papiah wants to create a nation of achievers. With his coaching, he will give a new direction to your life. He will formulate a new goal for you.
22-year-old Nelvin is a dynamic young man who wrote his first book when he was only 18. He also his own society under that time. At university too, he dedicated his time to the students. This young man makes us discover his world.
Friday, 07 August 2015 14:00

Vanessa Manrakhan : From LLB to glamour

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Beauty pageants have reached unprecendented heights in recent years. Mauritius is all set to welcome a new competition: Miss Eco. The person behind this initiative is Vanessa Manrakhan.
Frederic Lamarque, 24, is a Cosplayer. His particular sign: he likes to dress up as his favourite manga characters. Being a badass in fighting mood is what he prefers. Let’s meet this passionate Cosplayer…
The construction industry is incomplete without the contribution of Quantity Surveyors. Who are they and what do they do? The Quantity Surveyor Vikram Jeetah explains this profession to readers of News on Sunday.
His passion and zest for his work  has turned him into a role model. His professionalism in his field is commendable. From an IT Support Officer to the director of a compaany, Shakil has an inspirational story for all those enthusiastic youngsters who want to achieve something in life.
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