28 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Holding a degree in Banking and Finance, Viresh Hurrypaul is a determined 23-year-old who left everything because of his passion for photography. Accuracy, experience, practice and perseverance are the core elements to excel in this field.
Friday, 24 July 2015 14:00

Jaya Chekori : Overcoming handicaps

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18-year-old Jaya has something to be proud of. Diagnosed with Spinabifida at birth, the teenager has undergone around ten surgical operations. However, her spirits have not been dampened by her disease and she is now a successful entrepreneur and the director of Jaya Collections.
Murielle Lai Chin Kon, 28, is at the helm of a few organisations. She is the President of Agricultural Society at the University of Mauritius, the Networking Champion of the not-for-profit organisation Women in Networking (WIN) and the Vice President of Junior Chamber International Curepipe. Volunteering is in her DNA and doing research is her next challenge.
Having started manufacturing candles since 1995, Luxhmee Hurry, director of Shash Creation Ltd and chandler (candle manufacturer) is an independent and hardworking woman, whose main aim is to provide high quality products. Irrespective of the situation, she will never delay or refuse orders for her products and services.
Yaaseen Edoo has made it not only in Mauritius but also on the international stage. After winning the Queen’s Young Leader Award, he won the JCI Outstanding Young Person Award 2015.
He might be only 25 years old, but Joël Cléopâtre is currently the CEO of Adecco Mauritius for one month. This week, we meet this dashing young man in his office. Calm, vigilant and a striking young man, Joël is working hard to become CEO of Adecco International.
Full of life and with a positive attitude, Meghna is a young youth advocate on Sustainable Development Practices and a freelance researcher on Education for Sustainability (EFS), youth leadership and sustainable development practices.
Having been acquainted with the dance world since the age of 6, Prathna Khetha has performed twice as background dancer in Indian movies. Her objective: participate in one of the dance shows in India.
Can you tell us what is an Education Hub?
The term education hub is being used by countries who are trying to build a critical mass of local and foreign actors, including students, education institutions, companies, knowledge industries, science and technology centres – who, thorough interaction and in some cases collocation, engage in education, training, knowledge production, and innovation initiatives. Driven to become more international in their policies and practices, many countries are seizing on higher education as a way to do it, and are moving aggressively, if not always successfully, to make it work.
Despite Being a medical practitioner, he has to stick to a tight schedule. However, Dr Amal Bholah studied programming courses to create a medical app. Not only does this app facilitate the work of fellow doctors but can also be of great help to citizens as well. Let us meet this tech-savvy young doctor.
Friday, 26 June 2015 14:00

Sabah Says… Why I Fast

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Last week, my fourteen-year old nephew loudly proclaimed, “I can’t wait for Ramadan! Samosas, pakoras… all that nice food!” I smiled, and looked at him. “Ramadan isn’t all about that nice food though darling,” I said. “Do you know why we actually fast?” He looked at me blankly and then as if a light had switched on somewhere in the back of his head, he robotically mumbled, “Oh, to know what the poor people feel like.”
Innovative and creative as he is, Gulshan Balgobin, 32, set up his business in 2012 after analysing different sectors. Meet with a smart business director and entrepreneur.