29 July 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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The most wonderful gift one can have in his life is that of a loving and caring mother. Though years pass by and we grow up, there is a place in our heart that always remembers ‘mama’. No matter how far she may be or how old she has become, we all seek and need our mother’s touch.
The scene at the News on Sunday office grew a notch hotter, when Om Lombard walked in, all confident and every bit the charmer. With his iconic face, wicked sense of humour, ongoing success and powerful mix of bravado and business savvy, Om Lombard is among the most prolific male models of all time.
La famille Mootoosamy élève plus d’une vingtaine d’espèces d’animaux. Parents, enfants et petits-enfants ont tous un point commun. Une passion dévorante pour les animaux. Chiens, cabris, canards, poules, oiseaux, paons, poissons, tortues, reptiles vivent ensemble en parfaite harmonie. Rencontre.
She is a passionate of her profession and her objective is to empower vulnerable children through art. Angélique de la Hogue, mother of two, is a specialised educator. Co-founder of TIPA (Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts), Angélique actually works as Program Manager at the NGO. For the zealous lady, contributing to the betterment of her country is essential. Angélique de la Hogue talks to News on Sunday.
Friday, 17 May 2013 10:00

Mozammil Khodabacchas – The Code Wizard

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If we so happen to accidently come across the programming language of PCs, we literally get headaches at the sight of those indecipherable characters. But here is a guy who makes code language sound completely effortless, cool even.
Friday, 10 May 2013 14:33

Nirusha Routho – The Dancing Queen

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Given her penchant for innovation, it is no surprise that this lady garners admiration for her work. She keeps her audience on its toes by infusing pieces with exciting innovations ranging from Bollywood to Bharat Natyam.
Her pathway is that of a frail girl who transformed into a strong fighter in every sense of the way. Sensible and shy by nature, Ranini Cundasawmy did not let her weaknesses take precedence over her life. After her college studies, Ranini started practising kick-boxing for a year.
Working with passion and love for children is what she does best. Mother of two adorable girls, Natacha Khoodaruth is a complete woman both in her career and her family life.
Friday, 26 April 2013 11:00

Niteen Bappoo - The Multitasker

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Niteen is a guy who dons many hats with ease. Teaching, presenting, acting, musician and ex-president of the MFC (Mauritian Friends Circle-an association regrouping Mauritians studying in Pune), he multitasks and walks hand in hand with the times. Most of you will probably remember him as the presenter of “Taal Sur VedGaan”, the Marathi Song Competition. In this interview with News on Sunday, he shares how he lived the experience.
She was born and raised in London but her heart is that of a pure Mauritian. Nandini Daby, a mother of two, is a lawyer by profession. After working for the British Government as Executive, Nandini embarked two years ago on a career in Global Banking. However the Londoner aspires to fight for a cause which is dear to her: the international human rights for children.  Her ambition is to have all children of the world enjoy basic human standards of food, shelter and education. Nandini Daby talks to News on Sunday.
“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond,” said Miguel de Cervantes. Our young practising dentist, Dr Jinesha Ranee Kallee knows much about the importance of teeth. Persevering through the years, Dr Jinesha Kallee has been doing her ‘dream job’ at a private practice at Fond du Sac since September 2012.
Friday, 19 April 2013 15:10

Art for art sake

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For Hussein, an artist is someone who serves humanity, who uses his talent for a good cause. He says artists must seek to change the world around them through their art, focusing on intervening in the established art world, the art historical canon, as well as everyday social interactions.

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