23 December 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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She is the very symbol of artistic innovation, a pride of the country. Rashila Jagmohansingh is the rare woman artist who has climbed the ladder of success and fame through hard work and dedication in a very short time. Her aura screams confidence which makes the difference.
The Women Entrepreneurs’ Week kicked off on Monday at the National Women Entrepreneur Council at Phoenix and ended on Friday, with a series of activities on the programme. The Women Entrepreneurs’ Week is being organised to promote Women Entrepreneurship and assist in the growth and development of existing and potential Women Entrepreneurs.
Dynamic, daring and adventurous, he is the new rising talent in photography. Mohammad Furhzaad Bengah, web and graphic designer for a French company, is one lucky guy who has known how to merge passion and vocation.
Hold on while we present to you a lady from the new posse of pageant queens in town. A doting mother, an immensely dedicated actress, teacher and social worker, Salina (Mrs. Mauritius- second runner up) essays each role with the sort of panache difficult to resist.
Friday, 29 November 2013 14:00

Davina Korlapu Bungaree : When perseverance pays

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A teacher English, Davina Korlapu Bungaree is a young lady who devotes herself to the empowerment of the youth. Full of aspirations and ambitions, she is passionate about foreign affairs, the world of politics and diplomacy.
Friday, 22 November 2013 14:00

Dr Dorish Chitson : Dynamic and dedicated woman Featured

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A dynamic and dedicated woman, she inspires the youth and women to achieve higher. A mother and businesswoman, Dr Dorish Chitson embodies a model of selflessness, professionalism and generosity.
Friday, 22 November 2013 14:00

Zaahirah Zabeen Muthy : Therapeutic Art

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She uses her emotions to convey a message in each piece of art she creates. She uses her art to touch the lives of all who come in contact with it. The apparent ease of her composition reveals mastery, dedication and nurturing.
‘Building a better Mauritius’ was the theme of the budget 2014 presented by the Minister of Finance Xavier-Luc Duval last Friday. While the Minister of Finance’s third budget has according to him created a ‘feel good factor’, many still feel that major issues have not been addressed.
It is a dream for many a little girl to grow up and hit the runway or print magazine as a model. Giovanna has made it through and light-years away from her little-girl dream, she is now living it and taking on the world with a newfound confidence.
“Education is not only academic. Without values and norms, a child’s education is incomplete,” claims Marie Claire Heerah, born Ducasse. The founder and Managing Director of Saint Nicholas Grammar School (Primary and Secondary), she strives not only to provide high academic education to children, but also to inculcate in them respect and moral values as well as to develop the emotional and spiritual virtues.
Friday, 08 November 2013 09:00

David Stafford : Fashion Police Alert!

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Bold, passionate and confident, he has a natural flair for fashion and is igniting the scene with his love for it. He also packs in the spunkiest of personalities and rocks the boldest of fashion.
Friday, 08 November 2013 09:00

Graduates’ aspirations and the reality faced

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Dressed in the traditional graduation garb, the square academic cap on the head and the degree certificate in hand, fresh graduates think they are at the threshold of a bright future. Such a picture tends to make parents believe that they are about to reap the fruits of their years of sacrifice as their kin is at the point of obtaining a well-paid job. However, the reality is not at all what they have imagined.