28 August 2015
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Dr Kavi Kumar Khedo is an Associate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Mauritius. He is carrying out cutting-edge applied research in ICT to improve the life of the citizens of Mauritius. He explains what is social media analytics.
“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” this quote of John Kennedy describes Kushal Kutwaroo’s willpower and zeal to do something for his birthplace, Mauritius. He wanted to become a soldier to better serve the motherland, but he then realised that he lives in a paradise.  Meeting with a gutsy youngster…
Even as a child, she felt different. As she grew up, Sylvie Robert-Stanley took up challenges. So, she dived into psychology and neuroscience.
A passionate artist and a social activist, Zaahirah has worn several hats throughout her journey. A Mauritian now residing in the United Arab Emirates, she has always worked for the empowerment of women and been involved in lots of community development projects.
Medha Boolauky, 28, works as Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Phronesis and ELI Africa. A determined person, she always does her best in everthing she undertakes, be it in London or Mauritius.
Meera Ramchurn has always shined in all her undertakings during her professional career. Starting as receptionist, she is now director of her own company.  The gritty woman has come up with the initiative of producing beauty queens from Mauritius, Miss Global International Mauritius. 
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” This quote of Hellen Keller best describes the personality of Ziyaad Oomar, 29, director of vinido.com. Ziyaad considers his event management company to be a field where if there is no risk there is no reward. 
Friday, 05 June 2015 14:00

Roshan Ramnarain shines in Canada

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Roshan Ramnarain has had the opportunity to experience both the developing and the developed world. After spending three years in India for his studies, Roshan worked in Mauritius for a while before migrating to Canada. Today, Roshan is happy to share his rich experience with young graduates.
His motivational speeches inspires scores of people. Arjoon Mohit makes people realise their true potential. He has already conducted a large number of corporate training sessions from leadership to management skills, making him one of the most dynamic trainers in the country...
It was big leap for Intercontinental Trust when it bagged the Best Corporate Finance Awards at the Private Equity Africa Awards 2015. In this interview, the executive director Françoise Chan expresses her joy about this achievement and discusses upcoming projects.
Where is the bus? Have I missed it? These frequent questions are always treading on your mind when you are running to get to an important appointment. Two dynamic youngsters have come up with an innovative idea: their Ontime mobile app proposes to solve any commuter’s nightmare.
Nanda Narrainen’s personal mission is to help people achieve optimum health and reach for their life goals. His company Akampita Wellness is transforming lives through his various inspirational wellness trainings. With his unique flair and experience across both corporate and wellness field, he has inspired thousands of lives to take good care of their health.