01 September 2015
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Friday, 13 March 2015 12:53

Omar Auleear - Top of the world in Maths

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Laureate of the 2014 batch, Omar Auleear has ranked first in Mathematics in the world. This student of Royal College of Port Louis shares the secret behind his success with the young readers of News On Sunday.
Recently appointed as manager at GML Fondation Joseph Lagesse (GML FJL), Clency Magon is all set to defend the cause of the poor in Mauritius.
Yaaseen Edoo has been overcoming all difficulties easily. He has inspired many youngsters with his successful story. Again, this young man is all set to conquer the world.  He is the first ever winner of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.
Nadeem Sham, of Mauritian origin, is working on the global film project “Nascent” as Executive Producer and Strategic Consultant. The dynamic young man shares a different vision for the entertaining industry in Mauritius in an interview with News on Sunday.
Aged 36, Kervin JP Caroopen is a self-made person who became an events producer through sheer passion. Having produced and co-produced about 150 events during the past five years, this jovial person gives us his vsion about the event management world.
Our world is getting smaller, our disputes are becoming larger and yet not confined by national borders. We are living in a global village and communication is both instantaneous and continuous with all kinds of digital communications allowing us to expect immediate responses and ongoing engagement. Global trade and international transactions compel us to expand our horizons. We try to get a better view and perspective of Arbitration by Associate Professor, Dr Jayson Keejoo, an expert in the field.
Winning is his motto. Since 2009, he has been in the limelight and has bagged various awards. Recently, he has been chosen to be the ambassador of Air Mauritius for promoting the country on social media. This young and passionate photographer shares his journey with us.
He is ingenious, creative and ambitious, but most importantly humble. A fresh graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mauritius, Aman Jowaheer dedicated his final year dissertation project  how to enhance on the human foot prosthesis. The ‘Design & Optimisation of Human Foot Prosthesis’ project won the ‘Present Around the World Competition’ at national level.
She looked poised and composed when she made her entry in the hotel lounge where we met for the interview for News on Sunday. An established model,Jemina Luchmiah is talented and accomplished and her natural beauty and sultry personality comes out in her pictures. We caught up with Jemina, in between her educational courses and professional assignments to talk about her whirlwind trip in modeling.  
Kin Tue-Fee, 62, is a Mauritian who now resides in Ottawa, Canada.  Starting as naval architect, Kin Tue-fee has known a fruitful career from architect to author of two books.  What helped him in succeeding throughout is his weakness which he had turned into his strength.
Starting from scratch, Deepak Balgobin, 34, has been able to make it to the top thanks to his dedication and perseverance. Once a trainee waiter in hotels, he is now the Director of Human Resources and External Relations at Shanti Maurice of Nira Resort since five years ago.
This week, News on Sunday meets a Mauritian writer, Tevin Armoogum, who has impressed thousands of younsters with his writings imbued with his inspiritional quotes.