30 January 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Some women really evoke admiration and respect by their courage and determination. They are the proof that women are as strong and capable as men, not to say to their equal.
Friday, 14 March 2014 14:00

Marie Félicité

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Equality between man and woman is an eyewash concept for many who believe that the best jobs are more than often  bagged by males. However, some women have not accepted the fact as a fatality and are striving to make a place under the sun.
Friday, 07 March 2014 14:00

Bibi Shehreen Dookhee : The Portrait Artist

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Although Shehreen has been creative since childhood, it took her a while to listen to her inner voice and to devote time into becoming an artist. She can deftly wield her artist’s brush to create moody and atmospheric pieces. Or she can make jaw dropping portraits! The following interview sheds light on this prolific artist who is working hard on an exhibition that will be shocased to the public very soon.
Friday, 07 March 2014 14:00

Rookaya Pahala

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International Women’s Day is a time to ponder on women, their success and achievements. Career paths are different for every woman; while some are obsessively focused on success at work and social status, others believe that success is a balance of material achievements and emotional fulfilments.
She did not hesitate to freeze all her academic studies to immerse fully into circus arts. At the age of 20, Shaheen Saliamohamed started taking aerial silks lessons and train full time in circus arts.
Amitral Darbary’s love for graphic design stemmed from his lifelong passion for drawing. He now has several years of experience and has his own business. He has a wonderfully fresh take on design and a clear zeal for the creative arts. Amitrai shares his passion, inspiration and design philosophy in this interview with News on Sunday.
Friday, 28 February 2014 14:00

Sameera Rosanally

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Studying after marriage is quite tedious for women as they have several new responsibilities as wife, daughter in law and mother. As you have probably learnet in management, failing to plan is planning to fail and this works both for work life and family life.
It’s out of pure love and strong determination that she has taught Chinese dance to successive generations. Annie Wong Kam Lan, known as Miss Annie, of Taiwanese origin, is very proud of her achievement.
Friday, 21 February 2014 14:00

Gael Froget : Art tinged with vandalism

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In spite of being aware that the definition of what art is has evolved with time, we tend to associate it with rainbow colours and pretty flowers. If you form part of this lot, you are bound to review your opinions by the end of our interview with this boldly talented and revolutionary artist.
Friday, 14 February 2014 14:00

Siddhi Choony : The ‘Divine’ Beauty Consultant Featured

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After a long and enriching professional career in the public and private sector leading to top management positions, Siddhi Choony pursued her all-time passion and dream for the fashion and beauty world.
Friday, 07 February 2014 14:00

Hanna Imatalikhan : Voluntarism, a Way of life

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She is young and driven by the zeal of voluntarism. Her main goal is to help and contribute to the lives of youngsters’ and society at large. She truly believes that “a woman’s place is not only at home”. News on Sunday talked to Hanna Imatalikhan, a young lady aged 21, to know more about her life, social work and her advice to the youth.
The Reformus group is organising a two-day conference on LiveIslam on 8-9 February 2014, at the SVICC at Pailles. The group has invited four foreign scholars in Islam to deliver the lectures.