29 August 2015
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Friday, 20 July 2012 16:13

Nathalie Lesage – The reigning beauty

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When you think of a beauty pageant, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The answer would be expectedly different from person to person.
In today’s age, the definition of beauty is hard to pin down because conventions have changed and the rule to what is “acceptable” as beautiful has evolved with it. In taking these thoughts forward, News on Sunday is delighted to catch up with recently crowned Miss World Mauritius 2012-2013, Nathalie Lesage. This winsome Miss was the favourite contestant of many. 

She made Mauritius sit up and take notice of her charm and beauty and heralds a new dawn of beauty pageants in our country.  As we settle down for a freewheeling and candid chat, we cannot but feel that this heavenly beauty will sure make waves in due time. From happiness to dreams, Nathalie shares it all.

What has been the biggest highlight of the contest for you?
The bond I created with the other girls.

How do you deal with the fame that comes with the crown? Any long-lost friends showed up after you won?

I didn’t know I am famous! Lots of people have come out of the woodwork.

Why did you join the pageant? What do you hope to achieve?
I was in the quest of adventure.

Now that you have won the pageant, what is next for you?
I will be heading for the Miss World contest in Bali in September 2013. I am going to do my best during this year, and prepare myself for this BIG pageant. I will be flying to Rwanda in 2 weeks, I am going to work for the cause of a charity.

There has never been a Mauritian semifinalist at Miss Universe. What, according to you, is lacking?
I shall let you know when I find the answer. But I am sure we have all the potential to reach the semifinals at Miss Universe soon!

Were you disappointed to come second in line?
No, not at all. I was just hoping to be in the top 6.

How is the crown making you grow as a person?
Now I always have to think about my actions first.

What would you say to people who think beauty contests are lame and demeaning?
Ask them to see with their eyes the entire process and what we have to go through for a draining month.

The guys will want to know the last question. Are you single?
No and I am very much in love.

Date of birth: 08.09.1993
Profession: Student
My childhood dreams: I wanted to have my own farm, and take care of thousands of animal, together with my big tractor and my hat. I must mention that I wanted 52 children.
Favourite quote: “It always seems impossible until it is done.” ~Nelson Mandela
Life in one word: Karma
My definition of happiness: Like Mahatma Gandhi so well said: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Happiness is not something ready-made; it comes from your own actions. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort, you have to fight for it.
Greatest moment of my life: Passing my BAC with flying colours which I sat for during the Miss Mauritius contest.
Saddest moment so far: Losing my dog which I had since I was 3.
If I meet God, I will tell Him: I’m sorry for all my sins.
I love: Lazy Sundays.
I hate: ‘Palabre’. (Gossips)
If I could have it my way: I would repay the Third World debt.
I cannot ever resist: Golden Grahams
Style Icon: Sweetie Ramlagun (Possal, Phoenix)
My favourite gadget: My Phone
I love to read: 50 shades of grey
Dream Destination: Patagonia
Nobody knows this: Nobody knows it and I would not want to change that.
Biggest nail biting moment: Waiting for my BAC results!
Most embarrassing moment: Once I was out canoeing and I exposed my back to all my friends!
Greatest fear: Getting buried alive.
I cannot stand: Hypocrites
My fist lie: In primary school I told my mum I ate my sandwich while in reality I used it to feed a cute dog.
For 24 hours, I would like to swap places with: Barak Obama. I want to know what it feels to rule the most powerful nation in the world.
Dreams ahead: Travelling the world with my future husband prior to starting a family.
Favourite way to kill time: I don’t have time to kill. There is always something to do.
Nathalie in a nutshell: Fun loving
One beauty rule I always follow: I always keep my skin clean at night.
Latest fashion buy: My Ray Bans
In my bag: My bag is like Marry Poppins’.  You have all the stuff you want in it.
Kitchen beauty secret: Olive oil, egg yolk and lemon applied to the tip of my hair.
My favourite Miss Mauritius: All of them. They have their own qualities
If a crazy fan stood outside my home and insisted he is my husband: I will unleash my dogs on him!
If I were invisible for a day: I would walk around the White House.
Weirdest pick-up line I’ve been subjected to: A guy asked for my number and I gave him my gay best friend’s number. They were texting flirty messages to each other.
Jewelled treasures: A ring that my parents gifted me on my 15th birthday.
My biggest foot-in-mouth moment: I wittily quipped to all my friends: “Le facteur passe, les chiens aboient”. I misquoted this famous French adage which goes as “La caravanne passe, les chiens aboient”. They had a good time laughing at my expense.
Quirky habit: I sing really loud and dance badly everywhere I go!
The craziest rumour I’ve heard about myself: I was rumoured to be partying hard in London while in reality it was exams time for me in Mauritius.
Travel beauty must-haves: Eye liner and blush.
Dream man: I already have him.
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