29 August 2015
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Friday, 14 December 2012 12:00

Shameer Abdul Raman

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“Both appreciation and dislike contribute to shaping us into a better person. It does not matter whether people hate you or love you, as long as you do not go unnoticed.”
Veni, vidi, vici! Blessed with timeless elegance, he has conquered the fashion industry, all hail Shammer Abdul Raman! Mr. Raman has managed to strut his stuff for important labels: Mexx, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Armand Basi, Karl Kaiser, Billabong, Diwan Saheb, Pushkaar. This week News on Sunday sneaks a peek into the life of the model to know more about the myths of this glamorous career path.

  • Childhood dreams: To be a model, travel the world and leave a legacy past departing from this world.
  • Favourite quote: “Live and let live.”
  • Life in one word: Love
  • My definition of happiness: Good health and the company of loved ones.
  • Saddest moment so far: 20 years back, at the demise of my father.
  • If I meet God, I will tell Him: I will ask him why he didn't make everyone of the same colour, creed, religion and beliefs. It would have been a peaceful and perfect world.
  • I love: Sincerity.
  • I hate: Hypocrisy.
  • Style Icon: Viveka Babajee
  • My favourite gadget: iPhone 4s
  • I love to read: Religious quote, be it from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita or the Quran.
  • Dream Destination: America
  • Nobody knows this: I had a serious accident at the age of 20.
  • Most embarrassing moment: Doing a dance sequence on ramp in a 5 star swimming pool in the smallest swimming trunks ever!
  • I cannot stand: Lies
  • One fashion rule I always follow: To keep it simple.
  • Most overrated trend: Black clothes- life is so full of colours!
  • Latest fashion buys: My gucci sunglasses, DNG man bag, Kenneth Cole gym bag, and a Guess watch.
  • In my bag: My lip balm, water bottle, blackberry and iPhone 4s phones and my wallet.
  • Kitchen beauty secret for men: Green tea!
  • Fashion crime: To overdo it and put all mixed brand together or to wear a lot of accessories!
  • Weirdest pick-up line I’ve been subjected to: I am bringing you home, do you mind cancelling your plans for the night?
  • One law I would like to break: Quit paying tax.
  • Dream woman: Demi Moore
  • I love to read: Health magazines
  • Favourite model: John Abraham
  • Favourite photographer: Subi Samuel from India.
  • Weirdest thing I've ever worn in a show: A pink sarong, a tie with an open low V-neck t-shirt.
  • A male fashion trend should die immediately: Nose rings!
  • The best way to break into the modeling word when you are a guy: to have that perfect body language!
  • Shoots v/s shows: Shows, for it includes the challenge of making the public connect with you.
  • A guilty pleasure: French fries
  • If not a model: I would have been an athlete of international level.

Was modelling a childhood ambition for you?
Modelling has always been innate. I started at the age of 16, when others dreamt of being a doctor or lawyer. I thank my parents for letting me be who I want to be. And 23 years later, I am still here.

Is changing people’s perception of you as a model something that is important to you?

No, it’s not. Both appreciation and dislike contribute to moulding us into a better person. It does not matter whether they hate you or love you, as long as you do not go unnoticed.

What do you have to sacrifice to become a model?

A model’s life is all about sacrifice because you have to be perfect for others: sleep well, no late nights before a shoot, lots of exercise, at times you have to starve yourself for that perfect shot, little exposure to the sun, no over- eating, I guess everything comes with a price tag! But basically I must say being a model is all about a healthy life.

A stereotype of a ‘male model’ is that they’re dumb, what’s your view on this?

Male models cannot be dumb! We have to look after ourselves. We become our own dialectician; we have to groom ourselves. So we turn into hairstylist and makeup artist; we have to work out so we are our own trainer; we have to dress up well and we become a stylist; we have to be on time with the perfect demeanor, so we are our own manager. If we really were dumb, we would not have been able to achieve all these feats and garner the public image that comes along.

Do you ever find it difficult to recognise yourself in pictures?

Many times people do not recognise me in them. At times, even I am stunned to see some of the pictures! I mean, I look at myself in the mirror every day, and what I see is a simple guy-nothing like a model material being. I guess the photographers do a very good job. I would like to thank all photographers for this for without them, no model could have been the way they are.

Do you have any friend among other models or they feel jealous about the amazing success you've had?

I have never felt any jealousy between male models. We are always good friends and we constantly learn from each other. In fact, many of them have been my best friends for years.
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