29 August 2015
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Friday, 21 December 2012 11:36

Urvin Seeburuth Musical passion

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Though he looks unassuming enough, he exudes a certain air that screams passion. Perhaps it is his whimsical facial expressions that he wears, but there is another, subtler passion that is written on his face, shining through most intensely.
It is alluring yet, one imagines, gained only through a lifetime of devotion to the arts and of course, all that both underpins and undermines artistic endeavours. It also reminds us that some people simply blaze through life with a vivacity that touches everyone they meet. This week, News on Sunday is pleased to meet guitarist Urvin Seeburuth. Enjoy this small snippet of his world.

Date of birth: June 30, 1984
Profession: Guitarist for Temporal
Passion: Music and emerging Technology, living life, Entrepreneurship
Marital status: in a Relationship
Schools attended: Jules Koenig, La Confiance College, and Edith Cowan University
A teacher whom you always think of: hahahaha, oh dear! The list is endless: Caria, Pem, dada Clive, kaka-nez nez, Daurat, Mervin, Joe, Chinia, Ragoo,…
l Childhood memories: Student Council at La Confiance. I was lucky to have great friends and great staff. It was like a family at school.
Ambition in life:  Be able to build a family while keeping my passion for music.
My childhood dreams:  To be in a band and tour the world doing what I love doing most - playing guitar.
Musical genre: I listen to all types of music as long as there are creativity and skills involved. I love Jazz fusion, Metal, Electronic, French house, old school RNB, I’m talking about CHIC here.
Favourite song:  Way too many, but I listen to a lot of Zelliack, Periphery, the new Deftones, Circle of Concept, Born of Osiris, Chic.
Favourite musicians: Tosin Abasi, Misha Mansoor, Nick McLernon, and Allan Holdsworth and Lee Mckinney.
People who had an influence on my life: My parents, my family, my friends. My idols
Favourite place: On stage and at home with my family.
Favourite quote: “Be quick or be dead”.
Favourite singer: Ian Kenny (Karnivool)
Music to me: my soul  
Greatest moment of my life: My parents telling me that they are proud of what I have done so far.
Saddest moment so far: Being away from the family when they needed me.
I love: Music
I hate: Being messy and untidy.
My biggest achievement: Release of our EP Exitium worldwide.
Dream Destination: South America
Urvin in one word: Creative

Tell us how you got to be part of ‘Temporal’.
I started in Mauritius in a band called the ‘The Unknowns’ with mates at school. We moved to Australia and my passion for music never stopped. My mate Jonathan and I started an Alternative/prog band call Torkeo which was quite successful until some members had to leave the band because of other priorities. But I never stopped, I was quite driven to keep going and keep writing music.

I decided to join a local forum where I met Anthony who wanted to join a band. As we both love heavy metal, we just got along very well and it was the perfect mix of his writing all the heavy stuff and I was bringing the groovy melodious parts. His brother Sven was on drums and my Mate Jonathan was doing vocals. Shortly after, it was the birth of Temporal. After a few months, we got a solid line up. After releasing a demo and great feedback from friends and online fans, we decided to try a single out to test the market, and we released our first single “Persecution” in 2011, with international producer, Roland Lim.

I had the chance to be in Mauritius during the release and was invited on Generation Rock with Lizzi, to have a chat and see how things were developing with the band. Seven months later, we were in studio recording our debut, ‘EP Exitium’, which is an emotionally charged five-track release detailing the downfall of mankind with music ranging from bone-crushing brutality to instrumental solidarity \m/.

The band has grown substantially in the last year, staging a string of shows including Make Them Suffers’ Neverbloom Album Launch, under Roadrunner Records, which has seen our fan base grow tenfold as we spread our brand of djent infused metal with very energetic live show.

How do you reconcile being a digital strategist with being a guitarist?
I still have my full time job during the day, which mainly finances all the plans I have with the girlfriend and Music. I recently joined a family business as the CTO for the company and I love the challenges. I guess, as long as the job gets done, I should be able to pursue my career in Music. Possibilities are endless really. Both Temporal and my job are treated very seriously and I will take them as far as I can.

If you want to be in a band and build a career in music, you will need a full time job which pays handsomely. Production cost is astronomical and pressing physical CD is just as expensive. After a week of releasing our EP, you could download it for free from a few Russian sites. But I am trusting fans and people who can afford it, to purchase our music. If you can’t, it’s cool with us. Come to our show in Mauritius (Get an invite, *hint hint-promoters*). You can listen to our songs for free on Spotify which is great!  

Throughout the years, how has music made you grow as a person and a musician?
I was born and raised in a household where the radio was always on. My Dad’s brother, Ticoy is an amazing unknown artist. He can draw, sculpt, and is that crazy guy of the family who expresses himself in so many ways. I used to spend hours watching him play his Tabla or his Ravan with his friends. All my mother’s cousins are amazing singers and musicians. One of my uncles still plays with a band.  

In your opinion what makes the guitar stand out compared to other instruments?
Guitar can push so many emotions and it all depends on how it is being touched and played. I was amazed with Kurt Cobain when I was about 14 years old. It was just amazing to watch those fingers move. It was also very affordable, compared to drums and I picked it up very easily I guess (well, spending 8 consecutive hours trying to play a few songs!). You really need to enjoy the instrument to spend all your spare time with it.

Is there anything about playing guitar that you wish someone had told you, but you had to find out the hard way?

Heaps and heaps, especially when it comes to techniques. There are inexhaustible amounts of picking style and string skipping and sweeps and positions etc. If I had proper coaching, I would have been maybe a bit more disciplined but you know, I kind had do things in my own way and it works for me and it might not work for you. Nish, my mate and local guitarist in Perth gives me a few crash courses which are very helpful.

You’ve achieved what some work a lifetime to obtain: the ability to do what you love. What’s next?
We have an Australian tour to plan and will be heading to Asia hopefully next year. I am hoping to come to Mauritius with the band. I had a chat with a few friends and they mentioned that it could be possible. I am waiting for that email really.  We have already started working on other songs and we are hoping to get a decent Album. We already have a solid idea of what we want with ‘Exitium’ and the next upcoming Album. I can’t wait to hit the studios again.

Do you have any advice for young aspirants trying to be the next Urvin Seeburuth?
Never give up, no pain No gain! Success is outside your comfortable zone, so go there and find it.  Oh, and my Dad used to say, “If men didn’t dream to fly like a bird, there would have been no airplane”.

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