05 September 2015
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Friday, 28 December 2012 11:13

Atifah Adeebah Abdool – The sassy miss

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Aifah has found in make-up artistry not only a means of expressing herself but also a way to portray the desired look and emotions of her subject.
Her focus is on fashion and make-up related videos. Despite the fact that make-up is ephemeral, she captures in each of her works a sense of harmony and vivacity. She understands how colours can affect, influence or convey our emotions. Her natural ability to make people not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful is what sets her apart. Read on all you make-up maniacs!

Date of birth: December 27
My profession: Student and make-up artist
Childhood dreams: To work in the glamour industry.
Favourite quote: “Be what you want and not what others want you to be.”
Life in one word: Challenging
My definition of happiness: is my ability to adapt and accept the challenge that life has given me, and having faith in God, my Creator.
If I meet God, I will tell Him: Thank you for surrounding me with a wonderful family.
I love: Trust and anything artistic.
I hate: Egoism
If I could have it my way: I would change the way most people judge others-just by looking at how they dress.
I cannot ever resist: Trying out new beauty products.
Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens
My favourite gadget: My laptop
I love to read: Evan Hunter
Dream Destination: U.S.A
Nobody knows this: I am a very shy person in reality.
Biggest nail biting moment: SC Exams
I cannot stand: Sarcasm
My fist lie: I will do it right away!
For 24 hours, I would like to swap places with: Michelle Phan
Dreams ahead: Finish my studies and make my parents proud.
Make the readers of NoS an offer they cannot refuse: I’m ready to provide any tips or tricks related to beauty or fashion any time they desire.
Favourite way to kill time: Making make-up videos.
Atifah in one word: Daring!
One beauty rule I always follow: To smile.
Most overrated trend: Dark lip liner with light lipstick.
Latest fashion buy: The asymmetrical dress.
In my bag:  A spare lipstick and my camera.
Kitchen beauty secret: Mix a table spoon of unflavoured gelatin and a tablespoon of milk. Heat it up in the microwave for 10 seconds; apply it on your blackheads. Let it dry and peel it and voilà! Blackheads gone!
Beauty crime: Unblended foundation.
Never ever: Lie to me. It drives me crazy.
My biggest foot-in-mouth moment: Saying someone was doing his job all wrong, unaware that her daughter was sitting next to me.
Quirky habit: Touching my hair for no reason.
Travel beauty must haves: Lipstick, powder and eyeliner.
Dream man: Zayn Malik

What piqued your interest in the world of glamour and make-up?
As a kid, I was bullied harshly and what kept me going was looking at the latest trends and watching You tube videos on make-up and fashion. This was and is still kind of my way of expressing myself. For about 4 years I’ve been learning beauty tips and tricks to enhance natural exquisiteness. Also, wearing make-up and following trends boosted my confidence and it’s what kept me going. My interest grew along the years and I decided to make it more than a hobby.

How did you get involved in video makings?
I watched a video on youtube which made me make my own. I started to make make-up videos, basically ‘How to videos’ related to the Fashion world. But then came the negative feedback, and being a 12 year old girl, I felt torn down. I stopped. With time and maturity gained, I hit back with more confidence and a new perspective of what I want.

I then started to make videos of one of my major hobbies-singing. Gaining quite a pretty big audience for a teenage girl, I decided to make something bigger and better, giving advice to people mainly youngsters. So, I came up with the idea of making mini movies narrating about teenage problems and how they can be overcome. This is an interactive way to make teenagers watch and learn how to deal with their problems in life and also to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

You have to work with many people. What have been your most challenging and most satisfying moments?
Well, first of all you have to be understanding and patient. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with many amazing people but my most challenging and satisfying moment both happened at the same time. One of my cousins was getting married; she wanted to do an up-do which a lot of beauty salons told her is not possible. Knowing that this was my forte, she asked me if we could do some trials on her. With the help of my other cousins, we made her dream look come true. Her reception was a magical moment-just like a princess in a fairytale. And learning that she hitched lots of compliment for her up-do made me the happiest person on earth. I was like “for once in my life, people are appreciating what I do, and it is the best feeling in the world.’’

Mauritian skin tones are very unique. What tips would you offer a novice who is applying make-up?
If you are a beginner and you have just started experimenting with make-up, I would advise you to choose subtle and neutral colours for eyeshadows. Don’t choose the bright and vivid colours just because you feel they are more attractive. If your eyeshadows are not blended properly, you might end up looking very odd. While playing with neutral colours like brown and beige, it won’t be noticeable if it’s not very well blended. And don’t go crazy with the foundation! Use a tinted moisturizer instead for it looks way more natural. This will avoid you comments like: “She wears too much make-up; she is so fake, blab la...”

If you could leave the readers of NoS with a piece of wisdom, what would you want it to be?
I personally believe and I always say that make-up is a supplement not a requirement. You don’t have to rely on makeup and fashionable clothes for the society to accept you. All you need is the confidence and the power to believe in yourself. If you feel you are different from others but have to conform to stereotypes for people to accept you, you are so wrong. From my own past experience, I would advise you to be different and original; you never know-that difference might make you become the next star or the next most influencing fashion designer. Your originality is what makes you; don’t let anyone take it away.
Mumtaz Soogund

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