01 September 2015
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Friday, 04 January 2013 15:09

Mouammar Al-Yasid Oozeear – The Automotive Designer

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Transcendent. It’s an adjective one could use to singularly describe him. He is also involved in what may seem as an uncommon career path for a Mauritian: automotive designing. News on Sunday discusses with Yasid his style and approach to transportation design.  Have a gander and read on!
Date of birth: October 23, 1986

Designer / Advertising

My passion:
Automotive design

Marital status:

Childhood memories:
6 years old. A milk truck (I don't know why a milk truck) that I sketched on my copybook instead of class work. My teacher was quite impressed I remember, she said that I was talented. I got spanked anyway. Was worth it.

Professional journey:
Always started with the art and design field, going through advertising and now aiming a lot when it comes to automotive design.

Ambition in life:
I can't find the sports car of my dreams. So I want to build it.

My childhood dreams:
"One day, I'll design cars" That's what I said.

Best advice of parents:
The only ones who will REALLY be there for you all the way will be the family. Not friends.

People who had an influence on my life:
Anna Maria Sancewicz. My girlfriend and everyday partner, even in design.

Favourite place:
Not there yet.

Favourite quote:
"I don't care about money. I really don't care. I just want to do what I do." - John Galliano

Life in one word:

My definition of happiness:
Live/Love, design, be happy.

The greatest moment of my life:
It's yet to come, and it’s going to be a good adventure.

If I meet God, I will tell Him:

I love:
Quite a lot when it comes to design (Yes I am a passionate), my family, and Anna.

I hate:
Hypocrisy, lies, fake people, amongst some others not important to mention.

My biggest achievement:
Some of my designs that made it to some important people/designers and studios.

Style Icon: 
James Bond?

Dream Destination:
Prague or Paris. But it's a dream only if it's with her.

Nobody knows this:
Can't really reveal now, can I?

My professional goal:
Actually have my own designs built. My own brand. I know it’s a lot to ask for, but why not?

My dreams ahead:
Be settled and hopefully successful in what I am aiming for today, that is having one or a few of my creations built and supporting Anna in her fashion in the correct way.

Yasid in one word
: Awesome? Okay, Ambitious.

Favourite gadget:
Terminator, my phone.

In ten years’ time, I will be:
10 years older, and still designing I suppose.

Design obsession:
Detailing, perfection and no rip-offs please.
If I could have any car on the market right now, it would be: You meant cars. So, the great classic F355 Ferrari, an Audi R8, or a Lamborghini Gallardo only if it’s a Spyder.

Favourite designer:
Giorgetto Giugiaro.

How have your design views and inspirations changed?
When I was a kid/teenager, I was always after transportation design. A dream which was quite impossible due to huge financing and leaving my place behind. In years I forgot about the actual importance of moving towards these and I drifted away to just design after high school. Tertiary education, graphic design and advertising are where I started over with. It lasted a few years and I was working, struggling a lot in corporate design.

Only then I met Anna. Like I influenced her to be more focused on fashion design, she did the same and made me realise that I had to go back to where I left the childhood dream - To be a car designer or something close enough. Today I find myself quite leaving the corporate and advertising field towards just industrial and transportation design. And I'm glad she's planning to be by my side with her fashion. We're going to help each other through the design of life for sure. That's how everything changed.

What are some of the qualities YOU think are essential to becoming a successful car designer?
When it comes to Transportation Design, there is a lot you need and it doesn't really differ much from other design fields. You still need close follow-ups on what is going on around, but ALWAYS stick to evolution/innovation - This is where it differs. The transportation design industry needs to keep on moving forward with modernisation, new ways, and even newer inventions I might as well say. So, if people want to be successful in that particular design field, the most important thing that comes before practice and hard work are ideas. Brilliant, awesome ideas.

When you design your vehicles, what influences do you look to? Is it architecture or nature?
I'm more of a conceptual/modern design kind of guy. When I start a project though, I usually look at the plans I have, without having a single clue of what I really want. Not a problem, I always take the time needed with research and what's or who's involved. The Ideation and designing process often depends. If it's for clients, it's up to them to decide on what they want. But, like Enzo Ferrari said, "The client is not always right." So, I often find myself convincing for better design ideas based on what they have/want. When it comes to designing for major existing car companies, it's ALWAYS following their design language from way back in history, without any exception. And lastly, if it's designing my personal projects, both Architecture and Nature are inspirations. But still, I tend to stick to my conceptual, modern style.  

Creating a “real” car – usually in a team effort – v/s designing a unique vehicle that lives only in people’s dreams… Which one is more satisfying from your point of view?

I wouldn't say that one is better than the other as they all have their ups and downs. Let's focus on the positive things.

When you design a real/production car, you are absolutely official. You are much more recognised as a settled designer. And that, in my opinion is a real motivation for moving on further in the field/industry. Designing a concept is quite similar but we have to agree that it's going to be less popular than production ones. Now, designing 'A unique, One-Off' vehicle is absolutely different. It's a challenge to come up with something unique and worthy. And for me, this is the absolute satisfaction when such a project is complete and official.

Can you tell us something about the projects you’re working on at the moment?
Having the design studio in Europe, even if it's starting with a smaller one is one of the projects I have in mind. Design studio, but Car Design/Styling focused. It's going to be a tough way ahead, but we should be ready for this, right? Then come my regular car design/styling projects. Personal and some others with individuals, local and abroad.

I have to say that for the time being, I'm much inspired by how Chip Foose from "Foose Design" works. It's quite what I'm going to do for a while too hopefully, but he's an absolute settled pro already. Check out "Overhaulin'" TV-show to have an idea, maybe?
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