28 August 2015
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Friday, 25 January 2013 12:00

Sheetal Soobron – A people’s person

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What strikes us most about her is her unpretentiousness. She is also generously vociferous in her appreciation of people and the little things in life.
Her passion lies in helping people who are less advantaged. Here, Sheetal Sobron sheds light about the person she is, and the causes and projects she believes in, all with an overwhelming feel for a better world and its possibilities.
  • Date of birth: 28 April 1984
  • Feats: President of Intergeneration Association, Vice President of Rotaract Club of Flacq, Ex-Vice President of Flacq Regional Youth Council, Treasurer of Research Consultancy Association, Secretary of AWEP (African Women Entrepreuneur Program)
  • Bragging rights: I won the first prize of the History competition of the National Heritage Fund with my team and I am the winner of Youth Excellence award 2011 in Environment Category, the third prize winner for Senior Citizen Club namely Flamboyant and the third prize winner of Pongo festival.
  • Profession: Research Officer, Managing Director of Sheetal Hair & Beauty Saloon
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Marital status: Single
  • Schools attended: Lady Ringadoo Governmnent School, Mauritius College, Dunputh Lallah State Secondary School, and The University of Mauritius
  • Education: BA (Hons) History & Heritage studies, MSC (MRes) Masters in Research Methodology
  • People who had an influence in my life: My parents Sunil and Maya Soobron, my maternal uncles Ashok and Ajaye Daby and my lecturer at University of Mauritius, Dr Vijaya Teelock.
  • Favourite quote: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein
  • Hobbies: I love foreign travelling (Travelled to Rodrigues, South Africa and Madagascar).
  • Life in one word: Beautiful
  • My definition of happiness: Happiness is when everyone believes in you and supports you in whatever you do.
  • My biggest achievement: Fulfilling the dreams of my family.
  • My professional goal: To excel in my professional life.
  • My life mantra: Be yourself in whatever you do.
  • My dreams ahead: To adopt and help orphan children.
  • Success v/s riches: I believe in both, with success come riches!
  • I love to read: Robin Sharma books
  • The three things you would like to change in the system: The procedures for youth employment, the opening of leisure parks around the island for families, and the eradication of the political backing system.

Who is your role model in social work?
Firstly my mother Devika Soobron, she is my role model and she inspired me to become a social worker. She has been engaging herself in the organisation of several fundraising activities for orphans and poor people for many years already. My Leadership course tutor Mr. Jonathan Ravat, who has been engaged in social work for so many years is also a motivation for me.

How do you manage to balance your private life with your social work?
I manage to balance my private life with my social work through my time management system and with the full support of my family. My family’s support pushes me to go that extra mile each time.

What motivates you to engage in social work?
I believe this is inborn. I cannot see people suffer. I feel pained to know that while I am eating good food in restaurants or dressing according to fashion, there are families dying of hunger or do not have basic clothing in some other parts of our island. I know I cannot relieve all these families from their daily sufferings but I try to bring my contribution in alleviating their ordeal wherever I can.

Which of the social issues are you most compassionate about?
The issue of Thalassemia. This is a blood deficiency disease and around 125 children in Mauritius are affected. Consequently, some of them need to do dialysis every two weeks.

Tell us something about the Intergeneration Association. What are the main issues this NGO deals with?
The aim of the Intergeneration Association is to bridge the gap between generations. It also aims at combating the practice of leaving the elderly at the orphanage. Through this Association we educate both youth and elderly people how to live peacefully and understand each other. Emphasis is laid on the importance of family and family values. The Association also gives care and support to lonely people in orphanages.

Can you give us an insight into some of the projects of Rotaract Club of Flacq?
The Rotaract Club of Flacq is a non-profit community service club, parented by the Rotary Club of Flacq which is recognised by the Rotary International. The Club has been consistently serving the people in its region through its main activities such as Mega Blood donation, Food collection, Clothe Drive projects and youth related activities.

A message for the youth?
The success of a country lies in the hands of youths, so I would like to tell them to be more responsible and more dedicating to whatever they do.
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