17 September 2014
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Friday, 21 March 2014 07:50

Dear Shakespeare : Celebrating women

My dear Billy,
International Women’s Day was celebrated in Mauritius this year against a backdrop of four women savagely butchered by brutish beasts within a couple of months. It also commemorated 365 days of physical violence, mental torture and psychological harassment perpetuated against women, by males no doubt, but also by members of their own kind.
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Sunday, 23 February 2014 07:00

More women in public affairs

The International Women Day will be celebrated on 8th March. We need to reflect on certain jobs which keep women shy away due to certain complexes. Why do they refrain to take an active part in politics and public affairs?
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Does seniority position at work make a woman stronger or the very fact that she is not hindered by fears within herself?  Breaking away from internal barriers first or institutional ones? The message Sheryl Sandberg answers to such questions in her book, Lean In.  It is high time women address the chicken and egg situation, she argues.
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It is not surprising that PR census in the UK show that public relations workforce is largely female. A generous 70% according to recent findings. However, one of the most powerful women in PR, CEO Business wire, Cathy Baron Tamraz is bothered about why women do not make it as good as men in Fortune 500.
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‘Building a better Mauritius’ was the theme of the budget 2014 presented by the Minister of Finance Xavier-Luc Duval last Friday. While the Minister of Finance’s third budget has according to him created a ‘feel good factor’, many still feel that major issues have not been addressed.
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A former table tennis player, Aarti Gulrajani Desscann advocates women’s rights to sports. President of the Women and Sport Commission of the Mauritius Olympic Committee, she strives to promote the participation of women in sports at all levels.
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When you hear of Islam, what is the first thing which comes to your mind? For many people, the first thing which comes to their mind is the ‘oppression of women’. Unfortunately these ideas have been forced into the mind of people who do not know about Islam well. Are Muslim women really oppressed?
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Sunday, 03 March 2013 11:15

More women in politics

As the International Women Day is approaching, we need to reflect on certain jobs which keep women shy away. Why is it that many women refrain to take an active part in politics? We badly need more women in politics and public affairs.
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Despite some hostilities here and there and the fact that only 44.91 % of voters had performed their civic duty, the Municipal Council Elections have kept its promises vis a vis women.
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Enthusiasm and fervour were at their highest in many villages around the island on Monday 3 December after the proclamation of the election results.
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