30 August 2015
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Friday, 21 September 2012 16:58

Roche-Bois – Riot

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An attack on Gregory Jeannot, a resident of Roche-Bois, aged 22, by Bangladeshi workers who live in the region sparked unrest on Sunday 16 September.  About 300 residents of Roche-Bois took to the streets to demonstrate their anger against the presence of Bangladeshi workers in their area.
Friday, 14 September 2012 13:37

Street merchant aggressed with razor

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Bibi Nazmeen, a 49-year old street vendor at Rémy Ollier Street, Port-Louis, was attacked with a razor by a woman last Saturday. As usual, Nazmeen was putting her goods on her stall with the help of her daughter. It was about 10.30am on  Wednesday  when a lady, in her forties, approached them.
Monday, 10 September 2012 12:17

Serial thief behind bars

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Jocelyn P., aged 34 and residing at Baie-du-Tombeau was arrested on Tuesday at Morcellement St-André by Sergeant Seewoochursing of the Field Intelligence Unit (FIU), with the collaboration of CID North, the ERS of Plaine des Papayes and the DSU.
Friday, 31 August 2012 12:00

Municipal inspector murdered

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The body of Pritiviraj Gujadhur, aged 44, a Senior Health Inspector at the Municipality of Port Louis, was discovered on Monday at Edison Road, Rose Hill. Pritiviraj, father of a child aged 6, was a resident of Stanley.
Friday, 31 August 2012 12:00

Two killed in truck mishap at Chitrakoot

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A terrible accident occurred in the mountainous area of the village of Chitrakoot on Tuesday. A truck carrying tar ended down upside-down in a ditch after its brakes failed.
Karine Mungra, aged 30, has been reported missing since 15 August and her husband Preetam fears the worst.
Friday, 17 August 2012 15:31

Student nurse alleged rape at Bagatelle

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Sara (fictitious name) aged 22, claims that she was victim of rape on Saturday afternoon, near Bagatelle. “I will commit suicide,” said Sara. Indeed, this ‘student nurse’ from Rodrigues is traumatised since Saturday. She filed a rape case at the Moka police station.
Friday, 17 August 2012 15:28

Road rage incident at St Pierre

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The festivities on the day of Rakhi ended badly at Saint Pierre. Rajiv (fictitious name), an entrepreneur aged 33, was going back to his parents’ home at Nouvelle-Découverte when a car came in his way near Helvetia. “I was driving without any worry. I stopped at the traffic lights at Helvetia,” said Rajiv.
Friday, 03 August 2012 13:10

Facebook racist comments

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A young woman residing at Vallée-des-Prêtres confessed being the author of the racist posts on the social platform, Facebook, a week ago.
Friday, 03 August 2012 13:08

Young man dies in accident

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France Simon, commonly known as Hergie, aged 19, and residing at Beau Bassin died in a fatal accident. He was hit by a car whilst on his bicycle.
Joseph (fictitious name), aged 12, residing in the capital, accused his teacher of having threatened to throw him in prison on Tuesday, July 10.
Friday, 27 July 2012 14:10

College boy stabs girlfriend

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Brandon aged 18, a student of Higher School Certificate, is in preventive detention. He is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Priya, aged 17 on Monday afternoon at Bois-Rouge, Pamplemousses.