05 September 2015
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Monday, 10 September 2012 12:17

Serial thief behind bars

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Jocelyn P., aged 34 and residing at Baie-du-Tombeau was arrested on Tuesday at Morcellement St-André by Sergeant Seewoochursing of the Field Intelligence Unit (FIU), with the collaboration of CID North, the ERS of Plaine des Papayes and the DSU.
The man has allegedly broken into nearly fifty houses, carried a booty estimated at nearly Rs 2 million. Jocelyn P. was wanted by police for more than six months. Investigators learned that the thief had made Morcellement Saint-André his hunting ground. Sergeant Seewoochursing spotted the man in the local cemetery. He was identified as the serial thief thanks to his bag - as in their complaints, victims reported that the thug always carried a specific bag with him.

The sergeant asked the alleged thief the reason of his presence at the cemetery to which the thug replied that he worked there. It was when the policeman took out his phone to make a call that Jocelyn ran away, leaving his bag behind. With the help of local residents, police were able to arrest the thief who was then taken to Plaine des Papayes police station, where Jocelyn confessed having committed 25 robberies, 19 at Plaine des Papayes and others at Morcellement St-André, D’Epinay and Fond du Sac.

He said that he spent the money on games. Some of the stolen jewelleries were sold to an unknown man. On Tuesday, Jocelyn stole a bank card from a resident of Plaine des Papayes, then he went to Morcellement Saint-André where he stole jewellery worth Rs 72,000 and a sum of Rs 5,000. The bank card was recovered in his bag as well as Rs 2,000. 

Jocelyn P. has a record of previous convictions. He was sentenced in 2005 and 2006 for burglary and "escaping from legal custody." In 2007, he was sentenced to 18 months of prison for burglary while in 2009 he was imprisoned for burglary and possession of stolen goods. He appeared in Pamplemousses District Court on Wednesday and was then taken back to police cell. The enquiry is conducted by Sergeant Seewoochursing under the supervision of CI Beehary and Soobhug.
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