31 August 2015
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Friday, 14 September 2012 13:37

Street merchant aggressed with razor

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Bibi Nazmeen, a 49-year old street vendor at Rémy Ollier Street, Port-Louis, was attacked with a razor by a woman last Saturday. As usual, Nazmeen was putting her goods on her stall with the help of her daughter. It was about 10.30am on  Wednesday  when a lady, in her forties, approached them.
“She wanted to buy a pair of slippers. But I didn’t have her exact size. She then told me that it was for her husband. She handed me a note of Rs2,000,” said the victim. According to her, she didn’t have enough change to give to the woman and the latter then gave her a note of Rs100. “I told my daughter to return Rs25 to her, as the pair of slippers cost Rs75… It was only when she was gone that my daughter noticed my purse had disappeared,” exclaimed Bibi Nazmeen. The handbag contained her personal effects, her mobile phone and a certain sum of money. Mother and daughter complained to Trou Fanfaron police station and gave a detailed description of the woman. Luck was however on Nazmeen’s side.

Last Saturday, while she was at Louis Pasteur Street, Port Louis, she saw the woman in a shop. Determined to get the stolen goods back, Nazmeen went to talk to the woman and asked her to follow her. “I told the woman to accompany me to the police station and to give me my handbag back.

She told me that she would return my belongings,” explained Nazmeen who did not expect that things would turn sour. The woman took out a ‘razor’ and hit Bibi Nazmeen in the face. She was also injured the hand while trying to defend herself. Her daughter alerted passers-by who promptly intervened. The woman could not escape as she was encircled. She was handed over to a police patrol. She was in fact known to police as she was involved in two similar previous cases of theft with violence. She remains in police custody. As for Nazmeen, she was treated at Dr Jeetoo Hospital.
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