30 August 2015
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Friday, 07 December 2012 13:08

Kebab seller attacked at Phœnix

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Aktar Hossen M., a kebab seller aged 32, was savagely attacked by two individuals on Tuesday night at Phoenix. At the time of the aggression, he was at his workplace in front of the taxi stand at Phoenix.
According to one of his relatives, around 9 pm, while there were several clients at his stall, a car with three people on board parked not far from his stall. According to sources, the three men foul mouthed in front of women and children who were at the food stall. Aktar Hossen who was not pleased with this behaviour, asked them to show some respect to his clients. “He said don’t swear because there are women and children,” said a witness. One of them replied to Aktar, saying, “We’ll see what you’ll do.”

The tone rose but the merchant chose to return to his stall to serve his customers. However the three men didn’t want to end it that way. They verbally attacked Aktar Hossen M., hurling abuses. A discussion followed. Then two of them sped away into the car, while the third one stayed behind. A few minutes later, the two men returned, armed with sabres. They attacked Aktar Hossen, hurting him in the neck, face and ears. Thanks to the intervention of people from the neighborhood, the brawl ended. The two assailants fled, while the third man did not even interfere in the attack.

Aktar went to Phoenix police station to file a complaint. He alerted his family who joined him at the station and he was transported to hospital where he underwent a surgery. Meanwhile, tension mounted on the site of the aggression.

The police station was stormed by a group of onlookers when the two assailants presented themselves. However police controlled the situation by placing the two suspects in custody. But still, fury raged outside. Residents demonstrated their indignation over the fact that two police officers who were near the incident scene, did not intervene. For safety reasons, the two suspects were transferred to another police station. The Special Mobile Force and SSU were called for to deal with any eventuality. Later things cooled down and calmness was back at Phoenix.
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