05 September 2015
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Friday, 21 December 2012 10:59

Passenger attacks bus conductor

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Shezad T. aged 31, a bus conductor attached to the United Bus Service was attacked by a passenger on Sunday afternoon. His bus, coming from Bambous, was heading to wards Rose-Hill.
The attack occurred after the passenger refused to pay his ticket fare. “Every time he gets on the bus, he doesn’t pay pretending to work at the garage of the company,” deplored Shezad. The latter knows his aggressor very well. At Mont Roches stop, four people got on the bus including the aggressor. “Two of them paid only Rs10 for the trip to Rose Hill while the price is Rs 16,” said Shezad. He then asked the men to pay the exact fare, but they refused. “Garage” told the aggressor to Shezad, signifying that the company employee and that he could travel free.

However Shezad did not want to let the latter go away on such a pretext. “He does not work at the garage and does the same thing with other bus conductors,” said Shezad T. “I told him to get off the bus but he refused,” he added. Arriving at Rose Hill bus station, Shezad went to the station master while the passenger followed him. “All the things that you said in the bus, say it now,” said the passenger. He even tried to slap the bus conductor. "He tried to slap me, but two of his friends prevented him," reported Shezad T.

However, the passenger came back and gave Shezad T. a blow on the face. Shezad had no time to dodge it. "I was hit at the lips," he said. Bleeding, he was taken to the police station of the area then to Victoria Hospital, Candos to receive treatment. The culprit is a well known rascal. He was released conditionally and told to present himself regularly at Rose Hill
police station.
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