31 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Friday, 29 March 2013 14:01

Petrol price puts fire in the House

The new leader of the Opposition, as expected, could not be as vociferous as Paul Bérenger who ceded his post in parliament while he is under treatment for a throat cancer in France.
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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 19:52

250 acres of cane fields set ablaze

Fire broke out in the sugar cane fields at Forbach, more specifically at the rear of the building belonging to Espace Maison & Jardin on Wednesday 10 October at about noon. 250 acres of cane fields were engulfed in flames.  The incident necessitated a strong mobilisation of firefighters, including those from Piton, Triolet and Port Louis.
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Ils attendent avec impatience le concert de ce mercredi 30 mai. Douze des quatorze membres du groupe légendaire Earth, Wind and Fire ont débarqué mardi matin. Ils séjournent à l’hôtel Le Victoria, Pointe-aux-Piments. Al Mckay, guitariste principal et Ed Wynne, saxophoniste, arrivent ce matin.
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A tragedy has shocked people at Midlands on Tuesday. A Form 4 student at a college in Plaines-Wilhems committed suicide by setting herself on fire in her room.
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Friday, 13 April 2012 14:58

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Three families homeless after house blaze
The Chellapermal and Lallmohamed families residing at Vacoas found themselves homeless after a fire destroyed their homes. It is not the first time that a fire broke out in the modest houses of these families. Last December Billy Chellapermal, a carpenter aged 31, saw his workshop burned down. His tools and personal effects were totally damaged. During the month of March a second fire broke out. One of the house rooms took fire and according to Billy Chellapermal “a switch was at the origin of the fire.”
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Friday, 30 December 2011 10:00

Fire away carefully!

The joy of New Year is thoroughly demonstrated by sparkle of fireworks. The custom seems to have been spreading throughout the years, creating more and more enthusiasts for firecrackers. Given the excuse and occasion-New Year, many of us are going to resort to firecrackers to express our jubilation. In fact we cannot think of New Year celebrations without firecrackers.
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Friday, 16 December 2011 17:13

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Elderly lady dies
Lucy Bassee aged 85 died on Wednesday after she was victim of a road accident at Brabant Street, Bell-Village on Tuesday night. The old lady was hit by a motorcycle while she was crossing the road. Seriously injured, the victim was taken to Dr AG Jeetoo hospital but did not survive. A post mortem performed by Dr. Monvoisin attributed the death of the victim to "multiple injuries". According to reports, it was the police who took her to the hospital. As for the motorcyclist, a resident of Pailles, aged 33, he underwent an alcotest which proved negative. He appeared in Port Louis court on Wednesday on a charge of manslaughter and was released on bail.
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