27 May 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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The Bail and Remand Court, having on the Bench the Acting Senior magistrate Padmini D. Mauree has last week refused the release of a teenager who is being sued for alleged sequestration of a 10-year-old girl even if the accused possesses a clean record.
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A tragedy has shocked people at Midlands on Tuesday. A Form 4 student at a college in Plaines-Wilhems committed suicide by setting herself on fire in her room.
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Friday, 16 December 2011 17:16

Teenager dies in muddy waters

Roodradev Dursun, a student aged 17, drowned in muddy waters at the foot of Notre-Dame mountain at Long Mountain. It was a family outing that turned into  a tragedy on Wednesday afternoon. Roodradev Dursun was walking at the foot of the mountain in his village of Notre Dame, accompanied by his sister and cousins, all aged between 8 and 11. Suddenly it started raining heavily and soon all that part of the mountain foot became a vast swamp. The youngsters could hardly continue their route as the road was imppracticable because of a surge of mud.
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