31 August 2015
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Friday, 28 August 2015 14:00

Young professionals : The dance fever

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Who said that as a young professional, you cannot practice dancing other than after Friday happy hour?
Friday, 07 August 2015 14:00

Treading towards success

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Kelly Kim has truly quoted: “Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process. If you focus on this and adopt this definition, success is yours.” It is the dream of everyone to be successful in life. This week, some young professionals share with us the secret behind their success.
Friday, 31 July 2015 14:00

Young Professionals : To all animal lovers

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There was a time when only dogs and cats were considered as pets but things have changed. Nowadays, birds, fish, hamsters and a plethora of other animals can be bought from pet shops. This week we meet some young professionals who classify themselves as animal lovers. They share their experience with us.
Everyone knows that life as a young professional can be busy. You are always stuck with work, social and personal commitments. The little spare time is sometimes insufficient for the gym or you just feel like dozing off. However, some of us make it a must to hit the gym.
Friday, 17 July 2015 14:00

Juggling work and family life Featured

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Striking the right balance between work and family life has always been a challenge. Life after marriage and after having babies is very different. This week, the young professionals narrate how they have to accomplish both their professional and personal commitments.
Friday, 03 July 2015 14:00

Young professionals going social

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American TV star Oprah Winfrey once said: “I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.” Today many young professionals epitomise her words. Some of them are socially active while others created their NGO (non-governmental organisation) to lead the way.
Friday, 26 June 2015 14:00

Young professionals stepping into : The world of glamour Featured

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Many young ladies have seen their dreams come true by winning various beauty contests like Miss Global, Miss India World Wide Mauritius, Mrs Universe Mauritius and Mrs Top Model. However, stepping into the world of glamour is not easy. Let’s take a sneak peak into the world of glamour.
There is so much noise all around me. The children are playing and a loud giggle bursts through the air now and then; the teenage boys are sat in their spot talking to each other, some of them clearly attempting to make their voices sound deeper than they actually are; then there’s the rest of them, scattered across the crowded room – some sitting knee-to-knee on the sofa, others sitting knee-to-knee on the floor - and every single person is talking (some louder and more obviously than others, I must say).
About 1 in 20 people in Mauritius suffers from a disability, as reported in the 2011 Population Census published this week. There were 59,868 individuals disabled compared to 40,790 in the 2000 Population Census, representing an increase of 46.8%. Does the government incur more expenses because of the increasing number of disabled people? To what extent can they contribute to the development of the economy ? News on Sunday reports.
With the government’s ambition to encourage entrepreneurship in Mauritius, the Cooperatives sector is gearing up for major development, in various sectors. A new Action Plan has been launched to reengineer the sector and address its major shortcomings. News on Sunday explores this field.
Friday, 08 May 2015 14:00

Child Abuse : Raping the innocents Featured

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The recent case of Kevin and Yoven Teeroovengadum left the country stunned. Who would think that parents would ill-treat their children in such a way?  The United Nations (UN) (1989) declared that any form of violence, mental or physical, neglecting or abandonment, exploitation or mistreatment and sexual violence is considered as child abuse. Zoom in this social issue.
The retail sector today contributes a significant proportion to the Mauritian economy. The sector accounted for about 11.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2014, contributing over Rs 39.3 billion and is expected to reach Rs 41.6 billion this year. The sector “wholesale and retail trade” grew by 2.9% in 2014. In a highly competitive environment. The different stores and supermarket chains are at logger heads with each other to attract as many customers as possible and to be able to capture market share.
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