23 November 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Premita Leelachand

Premita Leelachand

The Australian Government has selected six professionals from Mauritius and three professionals from Seychelles to take up Australia Awards Scholarships at Masters Level at Australian universities, as from January 2015.
Ivan Collendavelloo is a well-known personality in Mauritian politics. Barrister-at-law, he ended his long adherence with the Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) when the party forged an alliance with the Labour Party. Living up to his principles, he founded Muvman Liberater (ML) and became one of the pillars of Alliance Lepep. He is standing as candidate against his former leader Paul Bérenger in the stronghold of his former party, Constituency No 19 (Stanley/Rose Hill).
In 15-years’ time, Generation Y or millennials, will make up the majority of the workforce, be it in public or private sectors. This new generation of employees is however unlike its predecessors. Having a different view of the world, they have redefined the meaning of success both on personal and professional levels, leading to misunderstandings among the different generations working together. Therefore, are they truly ready for the workforce or should we rather ask whether the workforce is ready for them?
Two magistrates have resigned from the judiciary to enter politics. Both are standing as candidates for the first time in the very fiefdom of the opposing leaders. It’s a major and daring step in their lives but Soodesh Callichurn and Raj Pentiah nonetheless trust their convictions. The fact that their opponents are none other than of Navin Ramgoolam and SAJ respectively does not dwindle their enthusiasm.
La Mauritius Sugar Producers Association (MSPA) soumettra de nouvelles propositions en écrit au ministère du Travail ce mardi. L’objectif, selon l’organisme, est de trouver une solution juste et équitable pour toutes les parties prenantes et éviter la grève que prévoient les artisans de l’industrie sucrière ce mercredi.
Summer is here, guys. It is time to put your coats, jackets and cardigans back in the closet and get the summer look on. Change your wardrobe to stay cool and look hot in summer. Bright and sunny colours, flattering fabrics, trendy designs and styles – shops in Mauritius are gearing up for summer. Our local brands present a gamut of styles for this season…
Le Vaish Movement n’a pas encore décidé du bloc politique qu’il soutiendra aux prochaines législatives, mais ce groupe socioculturel affirme qu’il est « contre le projet de Seconde République » ; préférant l’actuel système.
The Minister of External Affairs of India, Smt Sushma Swaraj, will be arriving in Mauritius by an Indian Air Force plane at 18h40 on Saturday 1st November, a visit in the context of the 180th anniversary of the arrival of Indian indentured labourers to the island. Her Mauritian counterpart Dr Arvin Boolell elaborates on the significance of this visit and how it will further enhance the existing ties between the two countries.
L’Enseignement supérieur fait actuellement l’objet d’une évaluation par trois experts anglais. Les étudiants sont encouragés à y participer pour partager leur expérience et leur opinion sur ce secteur et ils peuvent même faire des recommandations.
En congrès à Carreau-Laliane au n° 15 [La-Caverne-Phoenix] lundi soir 27 octobre, sir Anerood Jugnauth a répondu aux critiques de Navin Ramgoolam à son égard lors du discours de ce dernier à Doha Academy.
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