19 September 2014
Petites Annonces Gratuite
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Premita Leelachand

Premita Leelachand

Actuellement en visite à Maurice, le Country Director de la Banque mondiale (BM), Mark Lundell, dit apprécier les transformations apportées dans le secteur de l’Éducation à Maurice. Ce dernier a eu une rencontre avec le ministre Vasant Bunwaree à la MITD House, à Phoenix, lundi. Plusieurs sujets ont été discutés au cours de cette réunion.
International Literacy Day, decreed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations (UNESCO) in 1965, was observed on Monday 8 September. Literacy, by its universal definition, is the ability to read and write a language.
This Sunday is the final leg towards the finalisation of a Labour/MMM alliance. The ball is in the court of the Assembly of Delegates of the MMM who will have to ratify its coalition with the Labour Party. This will be the domino effect which will lead to the general elections but Mauritius opting for a Second Republic is still not certain as opposing forces unite to bring the alliance down.
Friday, 12 September 2014 10:00

Admission en STD I : C’est le dernier jour

Il reste un jour aux parents avant la date butoir pour la fin des inscriptions pour les futurs de la standard I de l’année scolaire 2015. La liste provisoire des admis en STD I est affichée dans les différentes écoles primaires de l’île, depuis mercredi et ce, jusqu’à vendredi. Les parents, dont la demande d’admission n’a pas été acceptée, devront remplir un ‘Protest Form’ et le soumettre au Zone Directorate.
Friday, 05 September 2014 14:00

Let’s give archery a shot

From medieval times to modern days, the practive of archery has evolved and is now a crucial part of sports competition. In Mauritius, however, archery is much less known to the public; the misconception over the expenses involved and its requirements may be blamed for this. We gave it a try and played Robin Hood and, with sore hands, arms and shoulders, here is archery for amateurs.
Over 250 students of Mauritian, African and Indian nationalities from ten public and private tertiary institutions in Mauritius participated in the first edition of the Model African Union (AU) Summit held at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute on 19 and 20 August 2014.
Friday, 05 September 2014 14:00

Viraj Ramharai : Saving lives at sea

Ten years ago, it was by chance that Viraj Ramharai discovered his true calling: surf lifesaving. Today, as the vice-president of the International Life Savers Africa and the founder of Surf Life Saving Association of Mauritius, he is embarking into a new project: a 20-km swim across at Belle Mare for fundraising purposes.
News on Sunday also sought the views of Dr Shafick Osman, expert in Geopolitics and a keen political observer, on the current political situation. He highlights several aspects of the political climate prevailing these days.
It’s a new political configuration on the horizon. On one side, we have the several-months-negotiated Labour Party-MMM and to counter balance the two major political parties, the majority of the parties found in the Opposition has decided to join hands. As at now, Friday, the general elections which are said to be in mid-November, will be a face-off between Labour-MMM and MSM-PMSD-ML-MDN.
Le buste du Dr Maurice Curé a été dévoilé au collège portant son nom  à Vacoas, mercredi. Par la même occasion, un livre écrit par Louis Rivaltz Quénette, « Jules Maurice Curé - Parcours Politique », a été présenté.
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