03 September 2015
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Roshi Bhadain répond aux critiques entourant l’accord sur le DTAA fraîchement signé entre l’Inde et Maurice. Roshi Bhadain répond à ses détracteurs dans le cadre du Traité de non double imposition (DTAA) entre l’Inde et Maurice. Le ministre des Services financiers et de la Bonne gouvernance a accordé une interview exclusive mercredi au journaliste de Radio Plus, Yaasin Pohrun.
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Le Parti travailliste et le MMM seraient d’accord pour appliquer la proposition de Rama Sithanen par rapport au mini-amendement de la Constitution. Cela résout, a priori, le dernier casse-tête de ce mini-amendement qui sera appliqué uniquement aux prochaines élections générales. Il ne resterait plus qu’à passer le test légal.
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Friday, 13 June 2014 14:00

Dr Sithanen concocts new formula

Former Finance minister Dr Rama Sithanen, who is a member of the committee set up to draft the electoral bill, has come up with another proposal to solve the non-declaration of ethnicity issue.
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Le Mauritius Africa Business Club vient d’organiser un atelier de travail sur l’inves­tissement mauricien en Afrique.
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The Minister of Finance is like a headless chicken preferably called ‘Blue Cock’  in quest of durable solutions. Blaming his predecessors in particular  Sithanen for  implementing  quick fixes to  reap early harvest  may not be credible  as  economic adjustments were imperative  by the end of  2005  to mitigate the adverse effects of the triple shocks and  meet the expectations  of the population  ‘ change ou la vie dans 100 jours’. 
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Rama Sithanen proposed to abolish the BLS reform system by allegedly keeping its ‘objective’.
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« Maurice a résisté aux diverses crises à travers des politiques économiques audacieuses, que leur impact n'a pas été aussi grave qu’il l'a été dans d'autres pays », dixit le dernier rapport du National Economic and Social Council (NESC). Mais depuis la réforme Sithanen de 2006, on ne fait plus que colmater les brèches. Le conseil plaide en faveur d’une nouvelle série de réformes macroéconomiques, pour exploiter notre potentiel au mieux.
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Friday, 20 April 2012 19:25


Stab in the back?
The current Leader of the MSM has described Mireille Martin as somebody who has stabbed him in the back. He cannot digest the fact that, like Seetaram, Mireille Martin should have left the MSM to join the Labour side. If we can understand the MSM Leader’s plight and frustration after these two defections, he too should understand that he does not, and cannot, control other people’s decisions and choices.

Of course, there is such a thing as discipline and allegiance to one’s leader and party through thick and thin. But no leader can expect his followers to join him in a mass suicide. Mireille Martin had joined the MSM, when the party was under Sir Anerood Jugnauth, and leadership had all its value and meaning.

With the coming of the present leader, however, things are no longer the same. No crew is compelled to follow a captain who voluntarily and blindly sails his ship on the rocks and reefs.

Example that comes from above
By saying that Mireille Martin has committed a crime by crossing the floor, Pravind Junauth is like the pot that calls the kettle black. Mireille Martin has only followed the example of her jilted ex-leader. If we consider the two cases closely, we shall find that the Prime Minister is right in saying that it’s Pravind Jugnauth who has crossed the floor with his troop. “After fighting the elections with a programme, he will now fight against that programme by sitting
on the opposition benches,” has said the Prime Minister.

The MSM Leader should be the last person to be surprised. He should be made aware of a variation to the Golden Rule: Do not do to others what you would not have others do unto

And then, what would Mireille do in the opposition ranks? Wear off her life as an opposition backbencher?  Now at least she’s got an opportunity to use her talent and mettle to work for the welfare of her fellow citizens.

Role for Sithanen
The recent tete-a – tete between the Prime Minister and the former Minister of Finance, Rama Sithanen, has, as was expected, triggered a lot of speculations. Some people believe that with the departure of the MSM into the “karo kan,” the road is clear for Sithanen who can stlll put his competence and experience at the service of the country.

Speculations are now galore as to a new role for the former Finance Minister. One school of thought, which seldom thinks, is conferring upon him the job of Special Budget Adviser at the Ministry of Finance; another is seeing him installed as the Head of the Board of Investment in replacement of the former MSM holder. Still another speculation wants him as Special Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister.

They may all be right, or wrong. But one thing is clear- the Prime Minister needs people around him on whom he can rely to help him in his mission of governing the country, which is by no means an easy affair. He also needs a lot of sincere, qualified, competent and able people to fill so many posts which still lie vacant, and whose number has increased with the recent resignations.
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Les grands coups… il y en a eu tellement depuis ces 10 ans et la rédaction promet bien d’autres. En attendant, voici un survol des plus grands événements de la rédaction de Radio Plus.
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Le Mauritius Council of Social Services (MACOSS) a organisé, mardi, une Brainstorming Session sur la réforme électorale « afin que la société civile puisse apporter sa contribution au débat ». Des membres de diverses Organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) étaient présents et ont interrogé Rama Sithanen sur son projet de réforme électorale. À cette occasion, ce dernier a évoqué un sujet qui n’est pas inclus dans son projet : le financement des partis politiques.
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