31 March 2015
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We have, since the publication of the Carcassonne Report, discussed lengthily on the need for an electoral reform by giving the opportunity to the civil society and politicians to voice out their criticisms and at the same time make suggestions of what is best needed for Mauritius. In this last chapter, we ask women involved in politics to comment on the matter.
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Friday, 03 February 2012 16:39

Hurnam court challenge rejected

Justices Bushan Domah and Said Bhaukaurally will hear the second case of Contempt of Court lodged by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) against debarred barrister Dev Hurnam. His motion challenging Justice Saïd Bhaukaurally on the Bench to hear his case has been set aside last week in a ruling delivered by the bench consisting of the two Judges.
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The case of Police against former Magistrate Joy Ramphul, who is answering an information under two counts of sexual harassment and of “fraudulent alteration of Public document” before the Intermediate Court, has been postponed to 14 February 2012 for continuation. In an interlocutory ruling delivered on Monday, the Full Bench, constituted of Magistrate Véronique Kwok Yin Siong Yen (President), Wendy Rangan and  Asha Ramano-Egan, the accused party won  the first leg of its case.
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It would not be out of place to take visitors or tourists to the South or extreme South West corner of the island. Le Morne village, distinct from Le Morne Brabant lying on the beach, is a hamlet where a modest community of fishermen and their families live.
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Friday, 03 February 2012 16:31

Shalinee Valaydon – An iron woman

She features amongst the few women in Mauritius who have dared to break the myth about women and weightlifting. Shalinee Valaydon, a young woman aged 25, has fearlessly taken up the weightlifting challenge and clearly stands out in the crowd. Known for her admirable path and achievements in various Championships, Shalinee reveals it all in a heart-to-heart conversation.
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He is quite the talk of the town of late. His feat? He is the only one out of the 24 candidates who brilliantly succeeded at the examinations of Council of Legal Education. The cherry on the cake is that at 25, he is also presently the youngest Attorney at Law in Mauritius. NoS speaks to Zubayr Hatteea, trying to capture a glimpse of his state of mind at his success and his take about our legal system.
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Le président de la Mauritius Sanathan Dharma Temples Federation (MSDTF) ne cache pas sa colère après l’annonce selon laquelle la mairie de Port-Louis a décidé de réduire le budget alloué aux associations socioculturelles. Somduth Dulthumun estime que cette décision est inacceptable.

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Friday, 03 February 2012 15:18

Single Mums

The phenomenon of single mothers in Mauritius is becoming more apparent. It is a daunting task for any couple to raise a healthy, well-balanced child. However, the task can be more challenging for a single mum, since there is no partner available to help alleviate stress and play "good cop, bad cop" in matters of discipline and enforcement. 
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While the possibility of a war with Iran is acknowledged in US news reports, its regional and global implications are barely analysed. Very few people in America are aware or informed regarding the devastation and massive loss of life which would occur in the case of a US-Israeli sponsored attack on Iran.The media is involved in a deliberate process of camouflage and distortion.
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Friday, 03 February 2012 15:13


In the age we are living, our appearance holds much significance. We are all affected, if not influenced by this phenomenon, whether we wish it or not.
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