02 September 2015
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Standard Chartered announces record profits for 2011
Standard Chartered PLC has announced a ninth consecutive year of record profits and income in 2011. The bank says its continued performance is underpinned by strong capital and liquidity and multiple sources of income across the faster-growing markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Income was up 10 per cent to US$17.64 billion and operating profit increased 11 per cent to US$6.78 billion.
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When the Local Government Bill was voted at the National Assembly on Wednesday 7 December 2011, nobody believed that, included in the new Bill, were some provisions likely to create a stir among politicians. It was all about the realignment of municipal wards. Since then, the MSM came alive with new proposals, the MMM became vociferous and the President of the Republic greener than usual. As for Dr Navin Ramgoolam, he was clear at the summing up of debates on the Bill: those who are not satisfied could still go to the President for redress.  Sir Anerood Jugnauth is presently consulting all stakeholders to find a consensus on the matter.
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Justice Prithiviraj Fekna sitting in Chambers has last week declined to grant an interlocutory injunction to Pentagon Universal Ltd restraining the couple T.F.S. and Lily Tsang Mang Kin, directors of companies, Tamak Distribution Ltd, Tamak Retail Ltd, Tamak World Ltd and Udis Ltd, from commercially exploiting any design identical to, similar to or passing off as (1) “heart logo Mauritius” and (2) “heart logo MU”.
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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:27

Korean Air connects Seoul to Nairobi

Korean Air will launch nonstop service on June 21 from Seoul Incheon to Nairobi in KenyaKorean Air’s new service to Nairobi, a 13-hour flight, will be operated by A330-200 aircraft with a total capacity of 226 seats. Kenya is the centre of East Africa where hundreds of renowned international companies and organisations are based in, including 120 foreign embassies, United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), the United Nations Office and UN-Habitat.
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Ramantoolah Hossen, the star witness in the case initiated by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) against Cehl Meeah, the leader of Front Solidarité Mauricien, in connection with the hold-up at Bijoulux jewellery shop, came back from the statements he made to the police.  On Monday when the case was heard before the Intermediate Court, presided over by Magistrate Renuka Devi Dabee, the witness exculpated Cehl Meeah for his participation in this criminal offence.
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L’Internet Banking semble être devenu le nouveau terrain de chasse des pirates de l'informatique. Plusieurs cas de fraudes bancaires en ligne ont été rapportés à la police. Une enquête est actuellement en cours pour connaître l’identité des fraudeurs.

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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:25

Case Noyale – A tourist hub

Case Noyale has derived its name from the hospitality of a retired soldier called Pierre Marie Ls Normand (1721-1802). He owned a large plot of land due to service rendered to the French East India Company and later to the Royal government. He was a great philanthropist and his hospitality to travellers and visitors was no secret to anybody. He tendered all sorts of help to them. He had built near his house a small ‘Royale case’ to entertain them and this was later distorted to Case Noyale. Some say that a certain Mr Noyale had some influence in that area and the village was accordingly named.
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When Mrs. Maleena Jugroop-Muneesamy says dance is in her blood, it is not trite. It is a fact she is known for since her young days. She teaches Bharatnatyam, an Indian classical form of dance. She is a paragon of dedication, determination, and strong willpower which are quite visible from her exemplary performances and a good number of disciples who learn dance from her…
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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:20

Sandeep D. Doorgah – The photo hunter

On any given day, you will find the guy cruising around with his camera wrapped securely around his wrist, ready for action. This young ambitious photographer is bent on capturing the little slices of life’s happenings all around him. He hopes to stamp his own imprint on the landscape of great photography and become the best and most innovative photographer he possibly can be. He strongly believes that life without photography is unforgivable. This week News on Sunday intrudes into the life of Sandeep D. Doorgah, photographer by passion, to see the world through his lens; the world as a silent movie, of which screenshots of the most beautiful scenes are mandatory.
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Rumours have it that in Mauritius people would rather opt for bouncers rather than contact the police to resolve any dispute that they might have with others. Their presence at Bars, Clubs and other venues doors in slick suits, in a way gives them the licence to solve matters in whatever way they deem correct and still groove to the beat of the music. It is said that those including policemen who have had brushes with these bouncers come out the worse. Is the bouncer culture or “security” as some would call it, a new phenomenon in Mauritius? Are bouncers and security teams really a force to reckon with?
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