The case of David Gaiqui creates upheavals

Par Nafissah Fakun O commentaire
Human rights association

The case of David Gaiqui has been in the limelight during this whole week. All started when a nude picture of the detainee David Gaigui was posted on social media.

David Gaiqui, a resident of Pailles, was arrested last Friday, 26th January, by CID Curepipe in connection with the investigation of a series of robberies committed in recent months. The latter appeared before the court of Curepipe for larceny and night breaking on Monday 29th January and was returned to the police cell. Lawyer Anoup Goodary, who was the lawyer for David Gaiqui, published on Facebook a picture of his client, naked and handcuffed on a chair, in the premises of CID Curepipe. Since then, this photo has gone viral and turned into a controversial topic.

Lawyers and human rights advocates openly showed their frustrations about this act. However, Mr. Anoup Goodary is no longer the lawyer in this case, being the eyewitness of David Gaiqui who was naked and handcuffed on a chair in the premises of the CID Curepipe. The panel of lawyers representing the suspect is composed of Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, Deepak Rutnah and Erickson Mooneapillay.

On Tuesday, the suspect David Gaiqui was transferred and admitted to Brown-Sequard psychiatric hospital in Beau Bassin. Deepak Rutnah, one of his lawyers, claimed that it was David Gaiqui, himself who asked to be taken to Brown-Sequard, as he was living in fear. His wife also complained about the same. “When I went to see my husband in the hospital, his hands and feet were chained. The police did not allow me to talk to him. I was asked to wait outside. David never had a mental problem.”

Since Sunday, a panel of lawyers has been formed to replace the lawyer Anoop Goodary, who represented David Gaiqui. In a press conference on Monday, Shakeel Mohamed stated that Chapter 12 of the Standing Orders of the Police does not mention "strip search" or chaining a suspect to a chair. In the wake, Shakeel Mohamed laments that the police officers being fingered are still in office.

Lawyer Sanjeev Teeluckdharry declared that “if I were Attorney General, I would have put this country on track in 30 days and make the country democratic. A reform of the police force and the judiciary is needed. A Police and Criminal Evidence Bill, the miscarriage of Justice Bill and a separate court of appeal are needed.  We are lagging behind in our reforms.”

Ivan Collendavelloo: “The case is being handled perfectly”

To a question from the press on Wednesday at the Thaipoosam Cavadee celebrations at Kovil Kaylasson in St. Croix, Ivan Collendavelloo, Deputy Prime Minister, claimed that the Police Commissioner Mario Nobin is handling David Gaiqui’s case perfectly. Asked about the ongoing investigation, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “The CP said that an investigation was opened and that he would take appropriate action. I leave it to him.” Ivan Collendavelloo also reacted to criticism against the investigators in this case. “When they do an investigation, people get angry and they do not do so, they still get angry.”

CP Mario Nobin: “An investigation has been initiated”

During the ceremony of oath of new police officers, Police Commissioner Mario Nobin stated that he wants to be neutral in order to make a good decision. He stated that an investigation has been initiated by the CCID and Human Rights Commission. “We must not forget that these police officers are also humans. I know how to punish and reward when necessary. Since I am CP, 36 police officers have been suspended while more than 1,800 have been promoted. In addition, surveillance cameras will be installed in the police stations. The behaviour of law enforcement officers and suspects will be monitored,” he said.