Meghanaiyegee Venketasamy : “I want to build new structures for an elevated Mauritius”

Par Nafissah Fakun O commentaire

Meghanaiyegee, also known as Megha, is a young and inspiring lady working for the empowerment of women. After spending six weeks as a Mandela Washington Fellow in the USA, she has returned to her beloved Mauritius to continue her battle for women.

Megha Venketasamy has over seven years of experience in working on grassroots projects and with NGOs in Mauritius and Africa with prime focus on women empowerment through leadership training, political empowerment and gender awareness.

Megha’s life purpose is to “support women and men” by building bridges and by bringing balance for the collective healing of this world through co-creative collaborations.

Holder of a degree in Business Management, she is also an Associate Certified Meta-Coach allocated by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. The young lady is currently one of the Board Members of Trade+Impact, an international association whose purpose is to focus on women led social enterprises in Africa and MNE.

“In my professional and activism commitments, I focus on inner empowerment of women by working through belief systems, combining neuro-semantic tools with facilitation tools, for that which is has been constructed can be deconstructed.”

Six weeks in USA 

Megha was elected to be part of the Madela Washington Fellowship 2017. She describes the experience as enriching and overwhelming. “To be in a place loaded with 999 leaders and amazing staff is an experience like none.

Words are not enough to describe what we went through during the three-day summit. My institute is the Presidential Precinct – our song is “Power of Place, Power of Ideas.”

According to her, the entire trip is professionally handled from the time we leave our respective country to our trip back. This experience brought back the deepest essence of life to her. 

“Place and ideas grow into power, as we become what we are called to and as we connect with those with whom we called to for the sake of a connected and sustainable vision that will impact the rest.”

She highlights that at the Presidential Precinct, there were 25 leaders from 18 different African countries soaked in history for six weeks to learn from world history, find expert advice, exchange ideas, access professional development resources, and solve the most pressing challenges in our communities. This fellowship has taught her many lessons. She learnt about humility, strategic thinking, how be an achiever and the power of network.

“This journey took me back to our own history and legacy. It was deep but also painful, we see, speak of, hear about and feel the agony of slavery and colonization while simultaneously, we understood that we had to learn from that context so that when we return home, we can support our own land.”

Hope for Mauritius

The young lady is all set to build new structures for an elevated Mauritius. “As a life coach and a process facilitator, I will keep investing through my voice, writing, coaching and training people. I came back with hope for this land close to my heart and I will use this very hope to fuel my journey ahead.

Connect and collaborate with my peers on common projects.” She hopes to see a connected Mauritius where people have learned from its history, embrace this multi-cultural legacy, very unique to Mauritius.

She wants to see a land being led by conscious political leaders instead of dynasties of looters, a land where it's people own the very concept of democracy - people own responsibility for electing leaders and a society where people come together to co-create and collaborate with the awareness that our differences enhance our lives and that we are intertwined and inter-connected.

Currently, she is working on monthly report focused on “Women in Politics” with a collaborator, only Woman Ward Councillor in North western province of Zambia, Kyapalushi Kapatamoyo. “I am also working on a joint project that comprise a group of fellows from five different countries; a chapter of the project will circulate in each respective country,” she says.