Mohammad Ally Kaudeer: “We brought permanent solution to insects” 

Par Nafissah Fakun O commentaire
Mohammad Ally Kaudeer: “We brought permanent solution to insects” 

Retired from the police force, Mohammad Ally and his wife Faranaz embarked on a new adventure. Environmentalists, they have introduced a new product against bugs: Magnetic Insect Screens. 

The Kaudeer couple launched the Magnetic Insect Screen Co Ltd one year ago. Their product is an insect repellent without the harm that comes with chemical insecticides. Mohammad Ally believes that people are aware of the dangers toxic products pose to their health and the environment but alternatives are not readily available.

“We did not invent anything. The products are already available abroad. I conducted some research, based on what I had in mind. I searched for quality materials to make the frames and the fibreglass screens. Our company provides a permanent solution to your mosquito and insect problem at home or at work,” explains Mohammad Ally.

The contractor explains to us the Insect Magnetic Screen is a cost effective solution. You can still open the windows and your views are not obstructed. “The magnetic screens are easy to open and remove for cleaning. They are customised for all existing windows and doors made of aluminium, PVC or metal. The materials used are imported and of good quality. For now, there are three colours: black, grey and white,” he says.  

Mohammad Ally's wife takes care of the administrative work. “My wife is my biggest support. She helps me in managing the business well. My daughters, too, have always been supportive,” he adds.  

Innovative products

Mohammad Ally is amazed with the positive reactions he obtained from his clients. At the beginning his loved ones liked the products and then with the SMEDA fair, he was able to have new customers. “The SMEDA fair helped us a lot. Visibility is essential for a company like ours. We have many customers across the country. Some of our clients are large companies,” he avers. 

Mohammad Ally has put in place a strategy in order to be able to serve the whole island. He has a list divided into different regions. “We work in different regions. In order to better facilitate the task, we already have a list of our clients. We make a site visit in order to take all the necessary measurements for manufacturing. We ask our customers to choose the color they prefer. We also send them a quotation to confirm their order. Once confirmed, manufacturing is started. In three to five days, the order is ready. The prices are affordable to everyone. The installation is done in one day,” reveals Mohammad Ally. The company also offers after-sales services to their customers. “We meet the needs of our customers. We are always available to our customers,” he adds. 

Furthermore, Mohammad Ally confides that the venture in entrepreneurship has brought a lot of change in his life. “Entrepreneurship is something new to me. I faced issues that I had never faced before. It was challenging but at no point did I give up. I enhanced my knowledge in field like imports, manufacturing, marketing and selling. Today, I am flourishing in this field and I am happy about it,” he says.    

According to him, SMEDA is a real support for those who do not have expertise in entrepreneurship. "”Marketing and door-to-door is not difficult. But with social networks, communication is even easier. It's an important tool for trade,” he states. 

Projects in the pipeline 

Like all businessmen and small businesses, Mohammad Ally wants to expand his business. “With the support of SMEDA, we will expand the business. We will open small workshops throughout the island to facilitate the operation of the company. In addition, we aim at moving to the neighboring islands such as La Réunion, Rodrigues, Agalega and even Seychelles. Once we gain stability in Mauritius, we will prepare for other ventures,” he confides. Mohammad Ally is also considering creating more jobs. Currently he has already hired five persons.

He encourages Mauritians to become more environmentally friendly and refrain from using toxic products. “Prevention is better. It's high time to become aware of our health,” he advises.