Road Accidents : adopting international model

Par Guest . O commentaire

The actual driving education and assessment system should be reviewed and amended accordingly. We should shift to some international model in European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and also other countries like Canada, the United States and so on.

For example, in Mauritius, after succeeding the oral test, a person holds a learner card and then has to undergo the practical driving test. If the apprentice driver meets the criteria needed, he or she would obtain a valid driving licence. However, after that practical test, that driver will not be assessed again and in case he or she has developed a bad habit while driving, such as being careless, the driver will not realise any mistakes until he meets with an accident, causing both material and human losses.

Another example is that during the practical driving test, the apprentice driver does not have access to a roundabout and in Mauritius, there are lots of roundabouts in every corner of the country. In addition, the current system does not assess or promote the courtesy of apprentice drivers towards road users while driving on public roads.

Furthermore, while re-educating our road users, we should also review our current legislation system and enforce new and hard laws for both drivers and pedestrians. For example in Singapore, if a pedestrian crosses the road suddenly without using the pedestrian cross, is not paying attention to or respecting other users of the road and crossing in a careless way, he or she should be fined.

By, Fakeerbaccus Ridwan