Young professionals : 2018 should be a year for accomplishments

Par Nafissah Fakun O commentaire

It’s been just a week since we stepped in 2018 and we all hope for the best. 2017 is now behind us and it has been a rocky year. Young professionals in various field talks about what the changes they wish to see this year.

Sarvesh Lutchmun: “Sustainable reforms in our country”

Winner of JCI The Outstanding Young Person’s awards (TOYP) and well-known social worker, Sarvesh Lutchmun expects to see things move in 2018.  Firstly, the young professional wants to see Mauritius putting its best foot forward towards achieving its goal to transform the country into a high-income economy, with essential changes in both the public and private sectors, coupled with a more balanced demography.

“With relatively a high cost of living, almost corresponding to that of a number of European countries, Mauritius cannot dwell in its present conditions, especially due to the various attractive openings out there in the global market, which can incur devastating consequences, such as the country facing an extensive brain drain. That said, I expect improved political, social and economic conditions in the country for 2018,” he hopes.

Moreover, he looks forward to sustained reforms in some of the country’s executive departments, particularly the police force and the fire services, in a view to enhance the efficiency and productivity of these bodies. “Besides, I also expect greater employment and empowerment opportunities for the youth in existing and emerging sectors,” he wishes.

Leel Khodun : “More responsible citizens”

Member of Rotary Club, Leel Khodun believes that changing for the best will be sure the best option. The young man would really like to see more responsible citizens, taking care of themselves and of their surroundings as well as reducing pollution at all levels.

“Recycling is good but not polluting is better. The thought that someone else will do it for you need to change. We are the master of our own destiny and care taker of our island. We brag a load about how beautiful our country is but we do so much less to preserve or help to maintain its beauty. If every one of us does just a little, this will grow into a great wave and will bring the change that we really need. Mauritius needs to maintain its beauty, its splendor and of course, its title as the paradise island it has always been. In my opinion, all   this is achievable with a little perseverance, dedication and faith,” he avers.

Hans Dax : “More importance given to artists”

Famous makeup artist up Hans Dax wants to see a Mauritius that gives much appreciation and good platforms to all artists.

“For 2018, my ultimate wish is to see more importance given to artists, as they have been a deprived for a long time. Being an artist in Mauritius relates to living your passion and if you’re among the lucky ones, you can turn your passion into your main source of income. Very often, if you are living your passion, people tend to ask what you do as a profession. Being an artist is not considered as a full time job. I would really like to see people start respecting all the artists and give them their due. Being an artist is a real blessing and it is a real job,” he desires.

Maloupe Glorine : “Political and human violations to be eliminated”

Among the 100th Most Influential Women of 2017 and initiator of Youth Ambassadors, Maloupe Glorine wants 2018 to be a year full of good and positive resolutions. On a global point, she hopes to see religious, political and human violations be eliminated.

“Year in and year out, we are constantly noticing that these conflicts are gnawing at international peace and for it to be resettled, respect could be valued. Secondly, the rate of road accidents has become alarming in our country and is a matter of concern for each one of us. Despite continuous and poignant road safety campaigns, road accidents have become daily occurrences. More cautious ways for and good road traffic codes could be initiated.”

While discussing social ills, the young lady states that the issue of drug proliferation should be given ample importance. “It is very sad to notice that some of our youths are drifting. These young people do have potential but experience difficulties to quit drugs. Continuous youth counseling on negative effects of drugs could be maintained in all schools and colleges. The civic subject matter could be reintroduced in the school curriculum. Another issue is that of abuse towards women that need to be seriously dealt with. It is terrible to see how some women are physically, morally victimized and it is high time for them to break the shackles of silence. In fact, the end of women violation starts with the women themselves. They should reinforce their images in society by making women respect paramount. The last factor that should be added is empowerment of Youth Leadership in every sphere of our country. It is usually said that youngsters are leaders of tomorrow but we hardly see any of it. Our youths could be empowered through leadership workshops by professional leaders. These main factors discussed, I believe, will make our rainbow island shine brighter.”